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Honor the Nail

Hey you.

Stuff is going to hurt. A nail driving into timber. Agony for holes. Vacant suffocation. Some days vibrate with gutters.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to feel; to hear sweet sound; to gaze at a sunset.

To be alive.

Hey you.

Things are going to kill. The nail sinks deeper. Bruised psyche. Words on a tongue; a slap in your face; a love that abandoned you; a trust that was shattered.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to fit in; to deal with injustice; to swallow your guilt; to nurse a split heart.

To take the next breath.

Hey you.

Some days are hopelessness. Rusty nail stings. Poison intimacy. Resentment is cancer. Bones like an aching husk. A sunny day is chill.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to let go; to move on; to forget.

To know more pain.

Hey you.

Life is going to challenge you. A scar on your soul. A hollow on the moon. A gorge in a valley.

The pain is now your fabric; a pulse and a past; a flame and a future.

Life is beautifully flawed, you’ll think.

You were always going to fall; to suffer great pain; to learn and replenish; to breathe new energy.

To honor the nail.

Originally published by Illumination on Medium