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How to Master Your Life Before You Run Out of Time

You don’t have forever to get what you want.

My late stepfather used to say that life is like a stage-play and we are like actors playing out our roles on the stage called life. He was never short on words, but of all the words I had listened to him say during my time with him, those are the ones that I keep hearing and continue to remind me of my humanity as well as my divinity.

If we look at our lives as if acting out on a “stage-play”, then everything changes. For one, contemplating that statement allows a certain freedom to unfurl and expand within as we begin to really grasp the transitory nature of our time here.

We all know that we won’t exist in these bodies forever but we seldom live our lives actually practicing that truth. That’s because life sucks us in deep enough that we believe in the drama we unnecessarily create for ourselves; we tend to take ourselves way too seriously and worse, we often take the people who touch our lives for granted.

Life as a “stage-play” is one of drama.

We are all quite brilliant at dramatizing our life experiences, especially when it comes to our relationships. But we have more control over our life-paths, relationships and experiences than what we realize.

Neville Goddard said: “The drama of life is a psychological one and the whole of it is written and produced by your assumptions. Learn the art of assumption, for only in this way can you create your own happiness.”

In other words, the way your life unfolds is completely within your control.

I mention the above quote because I feel as if those words resonate when making the analogy as life as a “stage-play” — it is true that through our thoughts and perceptions, we possess the power to “write” and “produce” our own experiences.

It begins with mindset.

Becoming conscious of time and producing your own life experiences demands a shift in thinking. It means letting go of situations out of your control, turning your back on those who do not serve you in positive ways, and becoming clear about what you want.

So, what do you want?

A repeat of the same situations? Ditto circumstances and outcomes? How about the same kind of relationship?

You’re on a “stage-play” with limited time, remember?

· Choosing the same situations is still making a choice.

· Choosing to stay in a stagnated relationship is still making a choice.

· Choosing to play it safe and remain the same is still making a choice.

Law of Attraction

The reference to the art of assumption is what is now widely known as the Law of Attraction — the simple and universal principle stating that like attracts like.

Clarity of mind is the one most important piece to attracting the life you want because the Law of Attraction works regardless of your beliefs; and it cannot deliver the goods on a scrambled mindset.

MindValley: “Things within our universe have a tendency to migrate toward other like things. We’re using the word “things” here, because this law encompasses thoughts, feelings, people, objects and everything else in our universe.”

It isn’t a complicated magic ritual that requires initiation into an ancient, mystery school or secret order. It is a simple and unchanging universal principle and it applies to everything we experience.

So, what really matters to you?

You’re on a “stage-play” with limited time, remember?

Wealth and success? Family and friends? Love, connection and relationships?

You must become clear about all of these aspects of your life in order to create the life you want to live.

It unfolds with heart, yearning desire, faith and love.

But thinking about the life you want isn’t nearly enough to make manifest. Your visions must be backed up with fire — you must want the change with all of your heart and you must feel it within your entire being before you can begin to reap the fruits of your heart’s desire.

Goddard: “The first step in the renewing of mind is desire. You must want to be different before you can begin transforming yourself. Then you make the future a present fact by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled.”

More than a futile daydream. If you want to become the master in your life-act, you must possess an unwavering and wholehearted believe in the truth of the path.

It’s like the cement holding the mindset together.

So, how badly do you want what you want?

You’re on a “stage-play” with limited time, remember?

· Allowing others to choose for us is still a choice.

· Believing in the limiting opinions of others is still a choice.

· Believing you cannot make change is choosing to remain as you are.

People are fated to us; the path is not.

The people in our lives are an important component to experiencing our most fulfilling life, and those who touch our lives deeply are no accident.

We are destined to encounter those who teach us the most about life and about ourselves, but we don’t always choose to follow our hearts in the realm of love.

Instead, we often choose to remain in a stale relationship in the name of safety and familiarity despite that it no longer fuels our desire for growth or challenges us in new ways.

You will get what you seek and settle for in the realm of love and relationships, and the connection will reflect what you allow your life to become on your “stage”.

So, what kind of relationship do you want in your life?

You’re on a “stage-play” with limited time, remember?

· Predictability leads to stagnation.

· Comfort becomes quiescence.

· Lack of intimacy breeds disconnection.

A life of passion and deep connection takes courage, faith and a burning desire to experience and hold that depth of love in the short time we are here on earth. In this lifetime; in this body; in this mind, why are we settling for anything less than what our heart’s desires?

You’re on “stage-play” for a limited time, remember?

Make your time here matter.

Originally published by Illumination on Medium.