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Seasons of Life

Hello friends,

Welcome to the very first Living Out Loud newsletter!

Super exciting.

So, the world is still spinning on crazy as we continue to move through transitional times, but the warmer days here on the Australian eastern seaboard are beginning to renew my sense of hope for the future — how are you doing?

We are moving into Spring on this side of the globe, and the new season brings cool themes like love, joy, hope and rebirth, which fits nicely with the recent launch of Living Out Loud (LOL).

New Beginnings

I’m a huge fan of Jim Rohn and his masterful lessons using the seasons of life.


“Life is like the changing seasons — you cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. So, the first major lesson in life to learn is how to handle the winters …. There are all kinds of winters: the “winter” when you can’t figure it out, the “winter” when everything seems to go awry. There are economic winters, social winters and personal winters.”

Pandemic winters…

I don’t think anyone would debate how 2020 has brought along with it a long, cold winter. Rohn was right when he said that we cannot change experiencing the winters, though we change how we deal with them.

“But here is what you can do: You can get stronger; you can get wiser; you can get better. Remember that trio of words: stronger, wiser, better.”

The new decade has forced us to practice more humility than ever before — it’s forced change and transformation on both a global and personal scale.

This year has grounded us so much that many of us are reassessing our lives and really honing in on what’s important.

Love. Connectedness. Authenticity. Heart. Soul. Living Out Loud. Finding You.

With all of this in mind, it’s natural that change will always seem a little daunting as it eventually leads us toward a new beginning.

We want to know how you feel about change and new beginnings, because even though we cannot get in touch in real life, we are still connected here — through sharing our stories that will uplift one another as we embrace change together.

Lexi’s New Beginning Prompts

  • What do new beginnings mean to you?
  • How do you feel about new beginnings — embrace or resist?
  • Opportunity? Change? Trepidation?
  • In thinking about new beginnings, what’s one word that resonates?
  • Send us your article about new beginnings, or pop a reply below.

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That’s all from us for now — until next time, #BeLove & #RealLifeNow

– The LOL Editorial Team

Lexi, Kim and Harley

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