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When You Ask Me Why I Love You?

What is your forever answer?

Every now and then, we might wonder what that special person in our lives sees in us, or ponder why it is that they love us.

“I love you.”

Love isn’t a word to be taken lightly, though, at the same it is one of those “habit” words that we so often get used to saying without always putting in the feeling behind the phrase.

Doesn’t mean that we not sincere. Not all at. I think it’s more that by saying those three special words, it somehow helps to keep our faith in each other, even when said mechanically.

Make sense?

I know it works that way for my children, who utter those three words to me countless times on any given day. Yes, I am blessed — there are people in this big wide-world who love me and who I love back with all my heart and then some.

Romantic love?

The last few weeks, love has been a running theme here at Living Out Loud. We have had the pleasure of welcoming and publishing some new writers, and we are excited about creating a loving community where readers and writers can connect and share their experiences and perspectives under one little nook of the web — a space that we share with anyone who wants to join us.

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Thank you to our wonderful writers who have shared a snippet of themselves; their hearts and souls — the stuff that makes them real. In case you’ve missed out on the latest stories, I’ve bundled them together for you below.

But first…

Lexi’s Wants to Know Your Forever Answer:

Why do you love me?

I love you because….

  • You know everything about me and you’re still around.
  • You piss me off and laugh when I call you an asshole.
  • You instinctively know when I need a hug.
  • You let me be who I am and love me even more for it.
  • You still try to make me laugh.
  • When things get tough, you love me even harder.

What’s your forever answer?

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Thanks to all our gorgeous writers —what’s your “forever (or un-forever) answer”? — Julia E Hubbel Jennifer M. Wilson Wistful writer Genius Turner Kate Mackay Harley Christensen David Gerken Kevin Horton Kevin Ervin Kelley, AIA Kate Conradie Cynthia Webb Elna Cain Deeksha Agrawal Rosie Wylor-Owen Christopher Wills Clarrisa Lee George Frey Matt Lillywhite Kaia Tingley 🌀 Beth Prentice

That’s all from us for now — until next time, keep #loving & #smiling #writing & #reading!

— The LOL Editorial Team

Kim, Harley and Lexi 🙂

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