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The Perks of Falling in Love with an Introverted Woman

The introverted woman is a species all her own.

Two attractive women walk into a crowded bar. Their dark glossy hair contrasts against their pale lips, and the color of their eyes almost identical. You would be forgiven for mistaking them for sisters. The assumption could have been true bar for the fact that they were polar opposites in every which way but their physical similarities. None so much as their starkly different introvert/extrovert personalities.  

Most extroverted women delight in constant chitchat and colorful banter, while the introverted woman finds the prospect draining as she silently wonders if she’s missing a crucial femininity chip.

Have you noticed that some friendships come along with an alluring side of chemistry that helps to show us a different part of ourselves?

Like, that ultra femininity chip?  

Which may very well smell like a valley of roses and ylang-ylang layered over a woody base of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli.

That is, Chanel No. 5.

What? The classics are timeless.

Moving on to the usual bar scene – just about every guy in the room notices the women enter the room. Shrink-mode, right?

Well, yeah, for the introverted woman.  

Who might wonder if it is the fragrant vanilla undertones attracting their attention? Or maybe it’s….

Men can smell a sexy woman.

Were you aware?  

They can actually distinguish horniness on a woman. It’s like an additional channel in the communication of sexual interest which provides further authentication of human sexual interest. Olivia Miller wrote about it in her article, Men can smell when a woman is sexually aroused.

A little trivial info to keep an introvert’s mind occupied for a time-block.

What a turn-on.

Attention is what usually makes an extroverted woman shine. She has no trouble working the room like a prowling lioness seeking to bask in the limelight.

It is an admirable quality to an introverted woman who observes her sisters as much as anyone else, she will commonly take great amusement in the ‘show’, too.

This one is a sell-out.  

In general, women are expected to be chatty and outgoing. Western cultures in particular enshrines women who have an easy breezy, smile-at-strangers and giggle-at-everything sort of demeanor.

Can you blame an introverted woman for at times feeling somewhat ostracized?

An introverted woman is typically more inhibited, less talkative and less skilled at faking enthusiasm than extroverted women. Her quiet virtues can easily be overshadowed by the dazzling, in-your-face charm of outgoing women.

But believe me when I tell you that beneath the surface of almost every introverted woman is an inner-wild child waiting for release. She is a woman with a seriously passionate streak that she usually keeps hidden from strangers and the outside world.

Some benighted people may label her as ‘square’, or even accuse her of being snobby due to her quietness.

If they only knew the truth of what lies beneath….

An introverted woman may not be as bubbly as Gloria from Modern Family, but she does possess a sexy flair for pushing the boundaries. It stems from hours of reticent observation which she accumulates and stores in her mind about people and the world, I’m sure.

Knowledge is power and this woman is a natural learner and deep thinker. She’s reflective and self-aware, and listens before speaking.

Introverted women take note about the way people interact and behave.

She has a gift for seeing beyond the ‘fake’ types who go through life worshipping their delicate ‘image’, and she doesn’t suffer fools easily.

She’s someone real; and once she becomes truly attuned with who she is and her place in the world, she realizes that caring about the opinions of others is a waste of time.

This is why introverted women are more likely to be a risk-taker at heart – in both their personal and professional lives – because when a person is able to perceive the difference between what really matters in this life as opposed to the meaningless and ego-driven attitude’s so commonly seen in today’s society, they realize the value in authenticity.

A rare characteristic to say the least. Most people are good at talking about it, though…   

An introverted woman who has come into her own will have a natural urge to go deep and to the brink with the man she loves, and she will understand that one of life’s greatest gifts is the soulful connection she can create with her man through the embodiment of her sexuality – something a mature, self-aware person can really only appreciate.

She seeks to unlock and hold her man’s beautifully dark, primitive masculine energy within herself and together. It’s pure ecstatic love.   

Can you imagine going to that place with her?

To that sacramental realm existing for high-level lovers? It’s nowhere really tangible. A place we can only know through experience and never fully articulate.

Unbelievable love and powerful connection.   

It’s one of the greatest perks of falling in sync with an introverted woman which gives rise from her abilities to ponder the meaning of you and me, and think beyond our physicality.

Did you know that?

Hmm… what else does perks be made for loving an introverted woman?

When dragged into a social setting, introverted women hate the moment when they first walk into a place like a bar. Their extroverted girlfriends can never understand.

“Wait – but I didn’t see you looking so introverted on the dance floor last time…”

Yeah, well. A few drinks can definitely help anyone shed their inhibitions. It just so happens that introverted women have an incredible affinity with music. She can probably move her hips in ways that will get a man wondering about what’s really going on underneath all of that… erm…. reserved nature.

Let’s just say that she’s a walking contradiction. 

Introverted women aren’t nearly as innocent as they seem.

Not by a long shot.

She doesn’t invite attention but she’s the one with the eyes you’ll never forget; the energy that will long stay with you.  

You’ll have to work to get her number, too. Though it might be worth double-checking she gave you the right one – speaking for the smart guy who did just that after she had left the bar.

He ran a mile to catch up with her just as she was boarding her train back home. Breathless and waving his phone.

“You gave me the wrong number!”

Yeah, well. She didn’t have the heart to say no after he had put so much effort in leading up to the moment where he felt comfortable enough to ask.

That’s the thing about an introverted woman. She has a heart so big, that she might even hesitate at squishing an ant. Roaches and flies, however, are fair game. Those critters serve no place in her world.


Miss Introvert might not be easy to crack, but the way she loves is what makes her truly unique. She will reach into your heart and totally ground you with her definitive manner; she’ll elevate you to unforgettable places while glimpsing your soul with the eyes of the liberated…. the mind wide-open sees beauty in diversity.  

She will love for the sake of love – purely; wholly…. and she will ask for nothing in return but your respect and time.

Precious time.

Tell her what you mean and mean what you say, and I promise you, the perks of falling in love with an introverted woman will be the ultimate gift worth enduring.

The mind wide-open seeks to make meaningful love.  

The introverted woman is an angel and minx; she’s the demure and the gutsy; the lippy woman who contemplates great things and tells you her truths, only to retreat back into obscurity, silently wishing you could truly see her.

For those tenacious souls who take the time to search for and connect with her essence, she will open her heart to love as fiercely as very your own Magdalena – in this life or the next.

Such are the perks of an introverted woman’s love.

Two attractive women walk into a crowded bar – Who do you choose to dance with?     

Originally published by Living Out Loud on Medium