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Meet Kim Petersen

“Nietzsche was fond of saying that acts of love take place beyond good and evil.”

Author. Writer. Dreamer. Beautiful Delusions. Lover of coffee, summer storms, great books, the mystical, and people with heart & soul.

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The Formal Introduction

Kim Petersen is a USA Today Bestselling and Award-winning author and editor of Medium publications Living Out Loud and SYNERGY. She is a top writer on Medium and co-author of Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind, a book about alternative practices to help creatives rediscover and nurture their imaginative natural resources.

Her debut novel, Millie’s Angel received a gold award in the 2017 Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards.

The Real Stuff

My fiction explores the intersection of dark realms and light forces in the form of the mystical and the romantic, obscure shadows, violence, and blood–lusty thirst.

Sometimes it is brutal. Other times, I might even get a laugh out of you. In bad taste, of course.

My nonfiction work? Well, I like to delve pretty deep. Whether writing about alternative practices for life and craft, spirituality, relationships, and love, or creating articles for my Medium readers, I like to get to the meat & gravy – what it means to live passionately, love fiercely, and with purpose today. Basically, a focus on the real stuff.

What does it mean to be truly you?

To live your truths?

Love deeply?

Join me on my quest to figure it all out.

Sujona ChatterjeeWriter

As my editor and friend, Kim has kept the writer in me alive.
She gave me a safe space to write in her publication, Living Out Loud, encouraging me to believe in myself, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kim, and I learned so much about keeping the honesty and feeling in my words to further connect with readers because her writing is raw, pure, and honest – she has a knack for laying out life as it is without any filters
Like her beautiful soul, her positive, uplifting energy and courageous writing deeply resonates with a broad range of readers, and I hope her writing reaches every corner of the Earth.


"I've known Kim for a while now. She's amazing. She's a 'what you see is what you get" kind of person. Her writing is superb. She's passionate and thoughtful; ethical yet tolerant; bold yet modest; hard yet silky. And a real pleasure to work with."
Luma A. - Article Reader [The Paradox of Fading Beauty]
Thank you for this wonderful piece, Kim!

Judith FArticle Reader [The Paradox of Fading Beauty]

Love everything about this illuminating essay; I would highlight the whole page if I could. I guess I did when I bookmarked it.

Pamela RArticle reader [The Raptrap of Beautiful Women]

That was a wonderful article to read.

Matt MArticle Reader [The Raptrap of Beautiful Women]

This was refreshing to read. Told from an honest & insightful perspective w/all the layers that describe how we’ve let superficiality & vanity run amuck in an already morally decaying culture.

Ian AArticle Reader [Have You Encountered a Profound Soul Connection?]

A beautiful article and very well written. I identified with everything you described.

Ian GArticle Reader [Have You Encountered a Profound Soul Connection?]

These are among the most beautiful words I have ever read, and all the more so because I know them to be true!

Carla RArticle Reader [This is Why a Man Will Never Leave His Wife For Another Woman]

We humans act with so little consciousness of our motivations...this piece brought a smile to my (Easter) morning. In spite of its levity, which can be hurtful to those close to the experience of divorce, it brings some realities home to us. Very clever!

Daniel AArticle Reader [This is Why a Man Will Never Leave His Wife For Another Woman]

Amazing write-up!!!

Gerthy BArticle Reader [The Negative Side Effects of Beautiful Women]

If only every woman (and man) could read this article, the world would be a better place to live.

Samedra CArticle Reader [The Negative Side Effects of Beautiful Women]

This is one series you can't put down even if you wanted to. It's that great.

L. LarsonCo-writing Client

Kim is an amazing writer. Throughout my collaboration with Ms. Petersen, I have found her to be professional, caring and empathetic. I can’t wait to see the end result of our co-writing venture – the memoir that Kim’s been helping me write.

I know with her writing talent, she will help me immensely to put forth a book that I can be proud of. A book worth reading.

Catherine EvansAuthor and Co-writer

Kim is a great project leader. I have worked on two book projects with Kim Petersen, as well as a weekly podcast we did for 6 months.

Her organisational skills are excellent and she clearly articulates time tables and requirements. She endeavours to always use software that is easy-to-use and functional for groups so that everyone has access to everything.

Along with excellent project management, Kim is understanding, flexible and open to discussion. She makes suggestions but is always willing to change to suit all. This has occurred with time, targets, financial commitments, word counts, story ideas, etc.

Kim has been honest and fair in all my dealings with her. She is a professional, productive collaborator, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Harley ChristensenAuthor

One of the most passionate and hard-working creative professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with…

Kim not only loves what she does, she works tirelessly to ensure that she produces and delivers work that is of exceptional quality, and she cares deeply about the impact the message has on those it reaches, as well as the people she’s working with along the way.

Whether it’s brainstorming fresh ideas or identifying solutions, she’s always up for the challenge, offering thoughtful, engaging, and insightful feedback and input, going above and beyond to ensure the end product — no matter what it is — is the very best it can be.

One of the things I admire about her the most is that while she is extremely talented, she remains genuine and true to who she is — without ego, attitude or putting on airs. Kim is open and honest and always at the ready to offer encouragement and guidance — or that gentle nudge to push you outside your comfort zone when warranted. Mind you, she leads by example, so you can’t help but want to, just by being in her presence.
Kim embodies what it means to be a true creative professional and I’m not only grateful (and more than a bit humbled) to have been able to work alongside her, I’m honored to call her my friend.

Matthew SReader - [Are You Ignoring the Signs of the Universe?]

Kim this has been my path. Your words express so clearly my journey. It's so perfect that you gave me this gift. Sending Universal love.

And Thus She WroteReader - [Are You Ignoring the Signs of the Universe?]

This is an incredible gift to your readers such as me. Sometimes, we need to hear /read these things to internalise and get them deeply embedded. Difficult - very much so; impossible- probably not.
My eyes moistened when I read this and my heart fluttered, all this is so true.


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