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Kidspot Article

Recently, an article I wrote about writing when you’re a mother to a large brood was published on Kidspot. So, how do you write a novel when you have 5 kids?

Learning to laugh when your four-year old-decides to empty a tube of glue on the cat to keep it from shedding hair all over the lounge room floor.”

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I Choose Me

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For me choosing life means choosing myself.

Although the path that has led me to the place I occupy today has been littered with some heart wrenching and horrible experiences, I am grateful to have learned enough from those times to appreciate my very existence.

Not so long ago, there was a time when majority of my thoughts were very limiting. Who was I to be smart, successful or prosperous? I was just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family who did ordinary things. I was an ordinary girl who grew into an ordinary woman and married a man who took pleasure in cutting me down at every turn. It’s funny how you tend to believe the viciously uttered words of others rather than your own light inside.

The moment I decided to change my life and leave behind the man I had pledged in marriage, was one of the most powerful moments of my life. For the first time, I chose myself.

Since then, the path hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but it’s a path I have walked with growing empowerment and expanding faith. Faith in myself, belief in my abilities, and a flourishing desire to live fearlessly; and it all started with shifting my self-limiting thoughts.

Who am I to be smart, successful or prosperous? I choose life. I choose myself. So instead I now ask: who am I not to be?

My limiting myself will not serve the world nor will it nourish my soul, and I find great satisfaction and happiness through writing. So nowadays, rather than listen to the opinions and assertions of others, the only reality I adhere to is the one that lives within me because at the end of the day; I am already all I want to be because I choose me.


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