Creative Writing Energy – Episode 1 – Astrology for Writers

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a good feel for the person your character represents, especially during the initial stages of creation. We’re discussing how writers can make use of Astrology to help create their characters – even if you’re not a believer!

CWE @ Transistor

Are you into horoscopes? How do you use the Zodiac in your life or writing? 

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Creative Writing Prompt

Personality Case Study: September 24th

  • Sign – Libra
  • Planet – Venus
  • Element – Air – Mental Stimulation
  • Symbol – Scales – need for balance and just 

Traits – The Day of the wanderer – love to travel/explore – demanding and can be difficult to please.

  • Takes an active interest in the world and people and relationships  
  • Deep sense of “need to change”. 
  • Often flirtatious.
  • Enjoy highly unusual forms of sexual expression
  • Bore easily of mundane activities or ordinary people
  • May be known as oddballs 
  • Bring a sense of enjoyment on most situations 
  • Air sign people apprehend the world primarily through thought. 
  • Lovers of beauty
  • Seeks to balance points of view
  • Quick on the uptake, but also quick to forget
  • Loves solving mysteries

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