Creative Writing Energy – Episode 2 – Do You Tell People You’re a Writer?

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I  don’t feel I should be doing something else.” –  Gloria Steinem

All too often creatives are placed on the firing line – the moment we mention we’re writers we may be opening Pandora’s Box, and that’s before we release our words to the world for people to judge our intellectual labor.

“Neurotic and self-absorbed tendencies.” “Starving artist.” “That’s not a real job.”  

These are just some of the warped notions and misguided perspectives attached the life of a writer, causing creatives the world over to face the age-old question: Do I tell people I’m a writer? 

Tell us:

How do you handle this aspect of being a creative? Do you tell people you’re a writer?

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Creative Writing Prompt:

Okay, this week’s creativity prompt may come across as strange, but we feel there is something extremely therapeutic about getting in the kitchen and preparing a meal. Consider this next time you cook: Cooking is love. That’s right, as you clank about in the kitchen, your energy is flowing into your meal – just like it does when you’re writing. The more you can switch off and just focus on what you’re creating, the more you’ll allow any tension to subside and begin to enjoy the process of preparing a meal.

Personally, we love this form of energy-direction. It definitely helps to nurture mindfulness and promote well-being. So, go get your Jamie Oliver on and don’t forget to enjoy every mouthful when you are done!   

Thanks for joining in on our conversations! 

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