Creative Writing Energy – Episode 4 -Rewiring your brain for Creativity with Bestselling Author Beth Prentice.

Creativity is just like strength – you get more when you exercise it. The best way to build your creative mind is through practice. The more you flex your creative muscle, the more your mind will naturally innovate. 

But every writer knows that being an author in today’s publishing landscape encompasses much more than getting words on the page. 

Marketing, book launches, newsletters, audience engagement, social media optimisation and networking. These are just some of the tasks necessary for us to consider, and we haven’t mentioned family & friend time yet! 

Join us in a creative discovery as we pick best-selling author, Beth Prentice’s … erm … brain and pluck out her secrets on how she balances between the logical and creative parts of her brain to generate a productive author business.


Beth Prentice:

Creativity Prompt:

Thanks for joining in on our conversations. 

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