Creative Writing Energy Podcast – Episode 5 – Men, Women & Story – a Deep Dive into Communication Between the Sexes.

Realignment between the sexes. Men are the Mars, women the Venus. We often struggle to reach common ground when communicating with the opposite sex. What if living a more fulfilling and rich life meant intentional effort to find your vulnerability and consciously practising more empathy and compassion when relating to the opposite sex? We may then reap the “gifts of the universe” – peace, love and acceptance.  

Dialogue is the most important part of fiction, and the one thing you can’t afford to screw up. We’re talking about communication and character dialogue – How we convey our characters through communication to drive the story and reveal character traits readers can relate with.

Tell us: Are you from Mars, Venus or some place in between?


Creativity prompt

Thanks for joining in on our conversations. 

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