Friendship Hack: How Have Relationships Helped Shape You As A Writer?

Life without friends and real connections would be boring. People are multi-layered, complex creatures. It is through our relationships that we learn about life and practice the art of giving and receiving. People aren’t one dimensional and neither should your characters be. 

Kim and Catherine explore the realm of friendships and the role those connections have played in their writing – past and present.


“They nurture us and they help us grow. They help us become better people.”

Life’s biggest lessons, gifts and opportunities are found in the connections we form with others. 

Friends & relationships help us practice the art of giving and receiving, cultivate important qualities like – empathy, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

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Thinking about character development

People are distinctive and unique – they aren’t flat cardboard cut-outs. Looking toward our own personal relationships and interactions and observing others will help to layer your characters and make them real. 

Here is a list of character traits and qualities to consider when developing your characters:

  • Are they strong, observant, friendly, courageous – loving, compassionate?
  • Immature?
  • Impulsive?
  • Vices?
  • Selfish or self-absorbed?  
  • Interactions – harmonious or conflicting?
  • Dialogue and expression.
  • World views.
  • Personal views.
  • Nuances?
  • Personal beliefs. 
  • Personality – cynical or optimistic?
  • Body language and posture.

How have your relationships affected the way you write?

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