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Cry to Me

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Blood Legends: Undead – Episode Eight

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“She’s gone.”

When your baby leaves you all alone and nobody calls you on the phone.

Silence is a noise. Ragged breaths and the soulful sounds of Solomon Burke’s Cry to Me screamed through my mind as I stared at my daughter. It was her favorite. The moments stalled. My child. Images of her long dark hair bouncing over her shoulders as she danced clung in my mind’s vision. Flouncing yellow dresses. Small ruby lips breaking into laughter. The sweet sound of her voice when she called to me. 

My heart ached. Her dewy lashes glistened despite the nod she gave me. The world spiraled with nothing beneath my feet. The lobby door cramped against my boot. My toes were numb. The beat of the sun slammed against my back. I wanted to die right then and there. Better that than to face the impossible choice confronting me.


I was startled as Marius began humming the bluesy tune playing through my mind. My nerves spiked as I looked at him. His skin appeared luminous beneath the dull light as he spread his arms.

“Doncha feel like crying, Jett?” He looped his fingers beneath his chin, grinning. “Ah … surprise, surprise! You weren’t aware that some of us kindred have the ability to invade minds?” He laughed before snaring an arm around Avila. “It used to be my mother’s favorite too. So, you see, we’re going to be one big happy family!”

“Like hell we will!” Avila pushed against him, glaring. Her next words were delivered through gritted teeth. “You are a satanic brute.”

She shrunk away as he hissed at her. Talons clawed at her hair. She didn’t even whimper. Her jaw tightened as she glared at him. “Dick!”

He frowned at her with amusement before turning to me.

“I am growing very fond of your daughter. Her energy is … intoxicating. Sometimes, we’re not aware of what we’re missing from our lives until we encounter it.”

His grin dissolved as the noise of heavy footsteps came from the corridors behind him. “Play time is over. Bring me the vial or I’ll have the Guardians take it from you.”

A group of people suddenly spilled from the shadows into the lobby. There were about eight of them; men and women clad in dirty denim and knee-high boots with whips slung at their waists. Black bandanas hugged their skulls and their expressions were cold.

  I could barely breathe as I surveyed them.

“When you’re all alone in your lonely room and there’s nothing but the smell of her perfume.”

Time stopped as my gaze rested again on Avila. She was motionless, her image already fading as I took a step back. She mouthed the words “I love you” and my heart splintered into a thousand pieces.

Marius shouted as the sound of thudding boots charged toward me. The Guardians were on the move. It was time. I tore my eyes from Avila and spun around, sprinting from the lobby threshold into the street.

The air was a hot enemy and pain already an unwelcome friend. I was suffocating. Dying. My boots were concrete as I pushed forward. Get to the corner. The Guardians yelled out behind me. Lurking shadows filling doorways, watching the scene unfold. Manic laughter flooded the street. The corner came closer. Closer. My legs felt like pudding.

In the blur of the moment came another sound. A machine? An engine? My thoughts scattered. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. Breathe, Jett. I fought for air. Go faster. My calves burned and I was blind. Avila. My ears pricked up through the deafening haze as a high-pitched screech crunched across the road.


The muscles of my body tightened as I spotted the metallic blue Jeep come to a sudden halt at the corner. What the fuck? My pace instantly slowed. I could feel the tremors in my body as the window lowered and the Guardians shouted from behind. 

“Get the bastard!”


I glanced over my shoulder as swollen faces closed in fast. My fingers grasped the machete. There was no time to think. I swung my eyes back to the Jeep and the face that was distorted beneath golden hair.

“Jett! Get in!”


I squinted, hesitating before bolting for the Jeep and flinging open the door to the shouts of the Guardians skidding up behind me.

“The bastard’s getting away!”


I was still about to shut the door when Sun slammed her foot on the accelerator and sped off down the street. The Jeep engine roared and the hot wind gusted into my face as I yanked the door closed, my chest heaving as I stared back at her. Grimy slim fingers gripped the steering wheel. She chewed her bottom lip, glancing at me.

“Where’s Avila?”

I squeezed my eyes shut as my body was racked with spasms. My throat hurt when I swallowed as I gazed ahead. All I could see was the image of Avila’s bright lemon dress and her hair swinging as she danced.

I formed the words that tortured my soul.  “She’s gone.”

 Doncha feel like crying. Doncha feel like crying.          

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Cry to Me is an urban fantasy set in a post apocalyptic world, and is part of Kim Petersen’s Blood Legends. Episodes set to publish weekly for 12 Weeks. Catch up on previous episodes here.

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