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Bite-sized fiction

The Color of Green: a short story

The Color of Green

“Whatever it is that you’re doing to make him react that way, stop it.” Jill blinked through a thick layer of mascara. She stroked back a long blond curl and shook her head. “If you stop upsetting him, then he won’t hurt you.”


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A Poem #life #depression #hope #lifeLessons

Honor the Nail

Hey you.

Stuff is going to hurt. A nail driving into timber. Agony for holes. Vacant suffocation. Some days vibrate with gutters.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to feel; to hear sweet sound; to gaze at a sunset.

To be alive.

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What if Saving Humanity Meant Facing Your Greatest Fears?

Blood Legends: Undead – chapter One

*Footprints: Made Editor’s Pick for November 2019 at publication P.S. I love You on Medium.


“Did you ever want to step into someone else’s feet?”

I tore my eyes from the gulls screeching above the waves that crashed against the jagged rocks, their wings beating against the briny air as they swooped the water’s surface looking for a meal. A faint smile played over my lips.

“Don’t you mean shoes?”

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Blood Legends: Rebirth – Chapter One

Dark Chambers

Indifference felt like cold armor. Hunger gripped me. Exhausting. My mind contorted. I squeezed my eyes shut and hung my head. Strangled sobs tormented me. Each cry stoked the insatiable need to feed on their blood. My veins palpitated beneath my skin. I shivered and groaned as I shifted my back against the sandstone wall. My ass was paralyzed.

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blood legends: death kiss

Death Kiss

“Your thoughts elude me.”

“They’re not yours to take.”

Marius gave a soft laugh. The sound was like nectar on my soul. It took all I had to ignore the slow burn. I focused on the dark empty street below. It was raining and I was glad. The rain would cleanse the city streets. God knew they needed cleaning. I wish the rain would purge my heart too.

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