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Love is a Journey towards Surrender

By January 1, 2020No Comments

And through our words we discover deep truths.

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In 2017, I created a blog because I had read someplace that an author should have a blog as part of their online presence. I was new on the publishing scene, having written and published one novel with limited knowledge and without much of a solid plan.

Alas, I did what I thought I should be doing — I created a website, organized paid promotion and began networking with other authors. Then, the blog came along.

The problem was, although I had these great plans to use this interactive platform to write about topics that matter, and hopefully relate to other people, I didn’t have the courage to get vulnerable enough to express myself in that way.

Until now.

2019 has been a transformational year for me. It was a year that forced me to face my inner-darkness and fears, as well as the light and love within; a year dedicated to soul-growth, laying new foundations and stretching my perspective. A year spent forming and cultivating a relationship with my authentic self on a deeper level.

Writing has been a big part of this journey.

Maybe it was the words. Or perhaps it was the process of sifting through the layers to discover deep truths. Whatever it was, expressing myself through reflective writing has become much more than an act of self-discovery — it has enriched the relationships I most treasure.

I have learned, really learned that to be present is the most important present I can give to the people in my life. This is especially true for my children who continue to teach me invaluable lessons through their unconditional love and admiration.

I have surrendered to expectations and learned how to protect myself from deceitful people. I’ve discovered that boundaries are important; that hurtful and ruthless words are like knives; that some people do not have the capacity to understand nor care how deeply their actions can cause pain; and that the unjust behavior of others says more about them then it does about me.

Fear is a forceful and vicious emotion. Love is much more powerful.

It is through the act of deep thinking and reflection that propels us to higher states of being. True appreciation finds us when we question ourselves, the world and its meaning. 

This is when we realize all that we hold dear and precious — as well as all that seeks to harm us.

There are times in our lives when we get to choose which path to take — the easy way is, well, easy. It requires playing it safe, Resisting change (with a capital “R”) and staying put. It requires little effort and risk on our part.

There is nothing wrong with playing it safe. But keeping the walls up denies us opportunities to bond with one another. It rejects new ideas, pushes against our natural state to reach for more and broaden our perspectives.

Living this way doesn’t feed the soul nor catapult us into becoming the best version of ourselves. This way is to remain as you are — to exist in a way that denies your soul what it seeks above all else; expansion. Love. This way is the ordinary way.

Opportunity for soul growth can arrive through various mediums. Sometimes, and quite usually, exponential growth is followed when we experience a crisis of some nature. Other times, it is when we encounter those who spark something dormant within that causes a significant shift to take place at a deeper level.

How can you explain to someone who doesn’t understand what happens when we encounter a significant other? How can you communicate the real magic of deep connection and the creativity born from the fusion to someone who hasn’t experienced it?

It is near impossible, but I’ll try.

Real connection will rattle your senses to ignite change. It will feel as if a key turned within your soul to open a door you never knew existed. Once you cross the threshold, there is no way to “unknow” all that is revealed — which is everything beautiful and dark within.

Most of all, it is through these sacred people that touch our lives that we find the courage to free ourselves of limited thinking; the courage to be bold with our creativity and find the spirit to become who we are meant to become.

I found the courage to explore and question myself, and the world. As well as the courage to write in new ways and dare to envision an alternative future.

It is when we are willing to die to our former selves to embrace new ways of thinking and being that we truly grasp the meaning of existence. This isn’t some New Age quack notion — life is about getting vulnerable, living big and loving furiously. It is about taking risks, connecting to others and sharing our experiences in order to help each other grow. It’s being brave enough to take the messy path because you sense it’s worth deep in your bones.

This year, I chose to shed a part of myself in order to emerge into myself.

Does that make sense?

A large part of this process is still being played out through the words I create and share with whoever takes the time to listen.

Most of us are aware that storytelling has been used to articulate the experiences and tribulations of our earliest ancestors to guide, teach and inform. Through the ages, story has existed to provide cautionary warnings to their predecessors, but it also through storytelling that we have searched for the sacred dimension of life.

Blogs are an exceptional platform for the continuation of this kind of storytelling. Posting our words enables us to share personal experiences — to teach, connect with and help one another. They provide a way that allows us to get real and gritty; to explore life and everything encompassing the human experience.

Through sharing words and telling my life experiences on Whispering Ink, I have worked through parts of my life to bring a collection of posts designed to connect with people; and hopefully a small part of that body of work found the person in most need of reading the words.

If I achieved that, then I am forever grateful.

This year has been a year of revolution. In facing my own insecurities and fears, I have been able to embrace a new version of myself — a woman who is slowly learning to believe in herself. A woman who has been reminded of higher-love and what it means to accept the things she cannot change — who took a deep breath and published some of the deepest parts of herself.

As the end of the year arrives, I look back on the struggles 2019 brought with a sense of gratitude. I took risks and stepped out of my comfort zone more times than I care to recount. I laughed and cried; I weaved through confusion and told the people that matter how I feel. I wrote words that reflected a journey lived with heart and shared those stories with the world.

I regret nothing.

In the end, it is our willingness to be authentic that counts. It is through connection and reflection that ignite inner-growth. But it is through the creation of words and sharing our experiences that fosters the power of true expansion.

My words and stories may not matter to everyone, but they matter to me and that’s enough.

With love,


Thanks for all your support throughout 2019. New Year Happiness to You!

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