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16 thoughts on “Real Life Now

  1. Margie says:

    Wow! That article on deep love took me deep. Which of course, I am as a person anyway.
    You hit the nail on the head on this one. I just ended a relationship that was not mutual for the other person & really gave him an out just to save face for both of us but I’m really missing him & feeling from the very beginning that it was a very spiritual connection. I thought he felt the same, as he said it was that way for him too. I have never, ever in my life experienced such a wonderful feeling of this magnitude in my life. I was married for 36 years & had a 11 year relationship with a beautiful person who passed. But this was, I thought very different. I’m grieving this one & just trying to let go day by day as I see him now & again & it’s really hard for me. He’s Bipolar & told me his feelings don’t match mine. It just hurts. Even though I gave him the out. I knew something wasn’t right with him but I was willing to learn more & have been doing lots of research just to understand but he says there is nothing I can do. Whew! So sorry, but your article really stirred me & perhaps it’s just another release in this grieving process. So, thank you for such great writing & insight!

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  2. Hey Margie, thanks so much for your comment. I am sorry if my article stirred your emotions! It’s difficult when we love so deeply and things don’t seem to be in alignment. I do hope things get better for you and wish you loads of love and healing.
    K. 🙂


  3. Afraid says:

    Hi! Deep love….. I have failed miserably at marriage twice. Now feeling this deep love for a man who lost his “soul love” to cancer. Is it possible to have deep love with a widower? Or will it always be about the deceased spouse? Love the article but now confused.


  4. I love all your stuff, as I believe you know from at least one email exchange so far. I made it to the “club,” as you requested, and thought I was already signed up…but wanted to make sure. You are one of three or four writers I always read. You’re fresh, direct and provocative…especially with the self-pleasuring article. Bravo! Not that I feel a need for “permission,” on matters of sexuality, you certainly give it in abundance. I’m a fan.

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  5. I just read your article on the beauty paradox
    You said everything I believe to be true
    I have started my own conversation with others last year with my beauty is difference website and blog
    I truly believe it takes a village to help us change the perception and dialogue of what I know call “growing”
    It’s no longer growing old
    Simply growing into our truest highest self
    I look forward to following you
    With love and gratitude

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