Guest Posting for Whispering Ink

Thank you for considering guesting at Whispering Ink. Please take a look at the guidelines below before submitting your work.

Guest Posting for Whispering Ink

Whispering Ink publishes articles that encompass a wide selection of topics and should be written to a professional standard and can include:

  • Craft/writing
  • Creativity
  • Author mindset
  • Marketing/business ideas
  • Personal growth/life lessons
  • Relationships, craft
  • Parenting
  • Spirituality
  • Memoir-style recounts
  • Sexuality
  • Flash fiction – Whispering Ink generally publishes beneath the speculative fiction umbrella (Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal) although other genres will be considered. The story should be well written with a clear polarity shift and resolution.   

Word count for all articles and flash fiction should fall between 1,000 – 1,500 words (give or take).

 More things to consider:

  • The author of the post should be the author of a book, an aspiring author, freelance writer or be in some way related to the book industry (particularly for articles on craft and creativity).
  • The article should be useful or thought-provoking and the body of the article should not be marketing your book/product. However, it can be on a related topic you’ve previously written about (included in your book).
  • In the case of creativity, author mindset and craft, articles should be written in a positive tone and provide practical tips/knowledge and/or actionable tips.
  • In the case of personal-experience/life lessons and spirituality, articles should be written in a positive tone and provide value to the reader in some way.   
  • Please include a resource section at the end with information about you, your book and where people can find you online (if applicable). This is where you get to plug your work/product or services.
  • You represent and warrant that this is your original work and not plagiarized and contains no objectionable or libellous material. You indemnify and hold Whispering Ink Press and Kim Petersen personally harmless against any suits, claims, causes of action, expenses or costs of any kind including legal fees arising out of the content of the original work.
  • Final editorial control rests with us and I am likely to edit your article and or headline. I may also reject it if it is not appropriate or if it is too focused on marketing as opposed to useful information.

Thanks so much!