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Blood Legends


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Blood Legends: Undead – Episode Eleven

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There are some places you can’t remember but can’t forget.

“Dance with me.”

“I’m an awful dancer.”

“You’re wrong. Your soul dances with mine every day.”

There are some places you can’t remember but can’t forget. She had a secret; a garden filled with precious blooms and wild roses. Eden. I had never known a love so deep; so pure. She was a gift on earth. Now, she was nothing. Her dreams were invisible dust on lost memories. Scarla was gone.

“Bella donna.” I didn’t recognize my voice as I hunched over the steering wheel of the pickup and struggled to focus on the road. Sun groaned. The sound of her voice startled me as her head lulled on my lap.

I glanced down at her, flinching as the moonlight struck golden hair stained crimson. Our blood mingled. My hands were tacky as I reached to stroke her forehead. Her skin was ice. “Almost there. Stay with me.” 

 Her body lay curled up on the pickup bench seat. She was limp and pitted from the bullets that had hit her. Her lips were tinged blue as her jaw slackened beneath fluttering eyelids.

“Wha – where are we going?”

I barely heard her above the rumbling engine as we careened through city streets. The broken white lines on the road flashed against the headlights like apparitions. Death is unforgiving. I was clawing at its door. Stay or go? Nothing left to breathe for; nothing except the score. It’s strange how we find our greatest strength when looking down the barrel of oblivion.

“We’re going to level the score.”

My body felt raw. I was butchered and bleeding. It hurt to breathe and my mind was a hazy impression of honey-amber eyes and sensuous plump lips. The place I can never remember; the place I’ll never forget. Grief lingered somewhere above me. Or perhaps it was grief that froze my heart and overrode my senses as the pickup skidded around the final corner, but it was hatred that motivated me when I slammed my foot on the brake outside the building.

An eerie quietness shrouded the cabin when I killed the engine. The moments stilled as I peered ahead at nothing. Nothing. I didn’t see the darkness flooding the street nor the towering shadows cast by the buildings. All I saw were fading memories of a life I would never know again.  

Sometimes, the choices we make aren’t ours to decide. Sometimes, the path forces us to unfathomable places. My choice to come here felt as if it was out of my hands. I’d come here for retribution. I’d come to do the unthinkable; to pledge the remainder of my days to darkness, violence and yield to the thirst of blood. I’d come here to be undead. But I couldn’t make that choice for Sun. She had to choose for herself.

I gazed at her as she drifted in and out consciousness. She was pasty. Her breath was shallow and erratic. Like me, she wouldn’t survive her wounds for much longer. My tongue felt thick as I swallowed and tried to rouse her, stroking back a lock of her hair and speaking her name. She groaned softly.

“You’re a survivor, Sun. A ray of light in a world of fear and shadows.” I paused as she opened her eyes to gaze up at me. I forced a smile. “You have to choose now – death or eternal life in death.”

Her lashes clung together as she blinked and stiffened. Her bottom lip slackened before she lifted a hand and reached for my chin, wincing.

“J -Jett?”

I cupped my hand over hers and leaned my chin against her palm, squeezing my eyes shut as my heart shredded along with the blood oozing from my gut. Her skin was clammy and cold. Yet, the gesture was profoundly comforting and among the last I would ever know in my humanity. When I looked back at her, she merged with the tears blinding my eyes.

Her lips quivered as she inhaled sharply.

“I’ll die with you tonight, Jett.” She flinched and coughed. Her eyes dimmed as she looked at me again. “I’ll go where you go.”

I pressed my lips to her forehead. “Whatever happens, don’t let them take your soul.”

The sounds of unearthly screams caught in the still of the night and echoed along the street. My ears pricked and I felt my pulse quicken. I felt a sense of detachment as I climbed from the pickup and scooped Sun in my arms.


I felt like a ghost despite the warm air that blew as I carried Sun toward the lobby doors of the building where I’d left my daughter the day before.

Weight. My knees almost buckled beneath the strain. I welcomed the pain. My veins throbbed but I relished the last of the fading warmth beneath my skin. I barely heard the distorted cries and harrowing shrieks carried on the slight breeze as they became closer. Closer.

The shadows came alive as dark figures emerged from the darkness. I balked as I clung to Sun and looked at them. Neon eyes glinted back at me from pallid expressions and milky skin. Scarlet lips curled up to reveal the dull gleam of fangs; hair glossed over shoulders clad in satiny attire as they regarded me. One of them started to move closer.

She regarded me from under a veil of vibrant red hair that cascaded to her waist. She reached out to stroke a talon across Sun’s cheek before flicking her cat-like eyes at me. Full lips broke into a grin.

“Welcome to the Mysticus clan, your daughter awaits you.”     

Also published by P.S. I Love You on Medium

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