If you knew the truth, would you live in shackles or die for freedom?

High above the ruins of Seattle sits the Nest, a settlement filled with the aristocratic Crow class, governed by the iron fist of Lord Corvus. For decades, Rayna and her fellow Hydrans have crawled the bottom of Lake Union for scrap metal which they trade with the Crows until a mysterious boy shows up and shares a disturbing, dark secret with Rayna—one that could bring the factions to the brink of war. Will Rayna fight for the truth even if it costs her everything? Is she fated to spark the Rebellion?

Rebellion is the new dystopian thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world from bestselling authors, J. Thorn, Zach Bohannon, and Kim Petersen, the first book in the Stone the Crows trilogy.


Stone the Crows is available to read on eBook, Paperback and Audio-book – Don’t Miss out on this Exciting Dystopian Thriller Series!

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“First I say wow this is definitely a Must Read. This grabbed me from the first page. It is a real page turner. And fast paced. Its right up there with the Hunger Games.”

“This is an amazingly good read. It has plot twists, very interesting characters and caught my attention from the very first page.
Bravo to these great writers!”  

“OMG! Ok guys, I’m jumping in head first. These guys are turning up the heat. I mean breaking out the big guns. I have to tell you guys right up front, this is one trilogy you do not want to miss.”

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