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Please — Stop the Madness!

A Poem by Harley Christensen

Constant chatter…

Pummels my mind.

A barrage of opinions…innuendos…wild conjectures…

Everywhere I turn…screaming for attention.

Warning: Possible Information Overload

Too much to process…

Nowhere to escape.


Warning: Fatal Error Has Occurred — Must Shut Down

Entering recovery mode…

Silence greets me…

Precious, beautiful silence.

Stop the madness…

Embrace the quiet.

Originally published by Living Out Loud on Medium

About Harley

Harley Christensen is originally from a speck of a town in the Pacific Northwest, currently living in Phoenix, Arizona with her significant other and their mischievous motley crew of rescue dogs (aka the “kids”).

She is the author of the Mischievous Malamute Mystery Series and a new six-part series of suspense novellas, called Six Seasons

Visit Harley’s Website: https://www.mischievousmalamute.com/about-harley/

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Honor the Nail

Hey you.

Stuff is going to hurt. A nail driving into timber. Agony for holes. Vacant suffocation. Some days vibrate with gutters.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to feel; to hear sweet sound; to gaze at a sunset.

To be alive.

Hey you.

Things are going to kill. The nail sinks deeper. Bruised psyche. Words on a tongue; a slap in your face; a love that abandoned you; a trust that was shattered.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to fit in; to deal with injustice; to swallow your guilt; to nurse a split heart.

To take the next breath.

Hey you.

Some days are hopelessness. Rusty nail stings. Poison intimacy. Resentment is cancer. Bones like an aching husk. A sunny day is chill.

Life is too hard, you’ll think.

Too hard to let go; to move on; to forget.

To know more pain.

Hey you.

Life is going to challenge you. A scar on your soul. A hollow on the moon. A gorge in a valley.

The pain is now your fabric; a pulse and a past; a flame and a future.

Life is beautifully flawed, you’ll think.

You were always going to fall; to suffer great pain; to learn and replenish; to breathe new energy.

To honor the nail.

Originally published by Illumination on Medium