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The Twin Flame Soul Connection – Part One – Soul Signatures

By April 18, 2019No Comments

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Mirrored souls.

Is it possible that each of us share an identical energetic frequency with another soul? And that that soul can simultaneously be incarnated on earth at the same time as you? Does there exist a love so deep and so rare that everything you thought you knew about love suddenly implodes inside you like a silent percussion and pales in comparison to the connection you sense toward your mirrored soul? Your twin soul?   

There is so much we do not understand about our existence here on earth and beyond, and so much more that we tend to dismiss far too easily. Why are we here? For what purpose do we arrive in a cocoon of flesh and blood and walk the earth?

Perhaps we are here to get an education, pay our taxes, wash our cars, and save our money for a rainy day. Find a good partner, get married, churn out a kid or two, maybe three. Play “happy family” and do the right thing until you retire on the edge of your dream and live out your days till you die.

And why not? It doesn’t sound half bad. I guess. It also sounds ordinary, but if that is what floats your boat then who am I to question your source of buoyancy?

What if there is more, though? What if there is a part of your soul-fabric here on earth and breathing amongst the living at the same time as you? And what are the chances you would encounter this precious soul during your lifetime?

Is it such a far stretch to ponder the extraordinary when life is laced with mysterious phenomena and unforgettable magical moments? Does the idea fall so far out of your comfort zone that you would rather push away the unknown? And are your precious inner-boundaries so rigid that you cannot shatter their invisible walls to accept that which you do not understand?

Sometimes, life will present us with an exquisitely rare connection cloaked in a cryptic puzzle designed to push back against those boundaries you so long to keep erected. Messy, elegant and confronting moments that will inevitably lead to the choice between burying your head in the sand or embracing the uncharted and going with the flow of the current.

Like many of us, I have been on a unique journey since the moment I was born. A soul-searching voyage that has taken me through rough, stormy waters to the crystal-clear lagoons of clarity I have periodically discovered along the way. I don’t have the answers. My quest in seeking the truth is insatiable and endless, and with each revelation I discover, I find myself confronted with more questions. One thing that I do realize is that every moment leading to this day has been a series of fated interventions and marvellous signs that have been orchestrated in divine order for my own personal-growth experiences and revelations.

When you ask for answers, they are always given. Always.      

My interest in souls and soul connections began in earnest back in 2007 after I had walked out on a dysfunctional marriage. Since then, I have navigated the days of my life utterly aware of an intelligent, all-encompassing presence that governs the universe and all that exists. That thirst for knowledge and looking beyond my physical senses has brought into my life beautiful revelations and unforgettable connections, and has led to the moment that my path collided with Xavier Eastenbrick; a special kind of man who finds himself on a sacred soul journey like no other – the Twin Flame journey.

I had the pleasure of getting together with Xavier to work with him to bring you a three-part series of blog articles that might surprize or even rattle your sceptical mind, but hopefully also broaden the scope of your thoughts to ponder the extraordinary phenomena that takes place in our beautiful world. Mostly though, it is our intention to bring clarity and offer guidance to those on the PATH and seeking answers. This blog post series is dedicated to all the Twin Flames out there. These words are for love.

“Love makes the impossible, possible.” – Xavier Eastenbrick.



Hello Xavier! It is such a pleasure to have you here on Undercurrent to talk about your Twin Flame experience. Can you tell us about Twin Flames, what that sacred connection means to you, and why you think there are so many misconceptions surrounding the Twin Flame phenomena?



“Twin Flames” is a term that attempts to crystallize in words, a phenomenon that predates the term. It is a connection that exists between two, (and only two) people who are energetically connected in soul. They are in fact, mirrors of each other and reflect the divine feminine and masculine energies which exist in each other. Those energies exist in us all, but in Twin Flames they are complementary to one another. That is not to mean they are always the same or always opposite in terms of their personalities or other identifiers of who we are, but merely complementary to each other. It is a soul connection of the highest order and is a matter of identical energetic frequency.

The reasons the discussions around Twin Flames are prone to misconceptions, as well as the unfortunate tendency of those with predatory interests to take advantage of those experiencing a Twin Flame connection, are due to the lack of awareness, misunderstandings and the general mystique surrounding the connection. You see, many of the great stories we can remember – both real and fictional, are actually Twin Flame stories. Only they were never characterized as such. The fairy tales of “happily ever after” and “always finding each other” are wonderful aspects of the journey. Yet, if people knew the hard truth of it all, they would most probably not want to aspire to engage in the Divine connection.

What people don’t realize is this; you don’t become a Twin Flame, rather, you simply are one. Just as you cannot close your eyes as a white person and wish yourself to become one of color, you cannot simply will yourself to be a Twin Flame. If you realized the nature of the journey and the challenges it represents, it is more than likely that you wouldn’t go within 1,111 miles of being a Twin Flame, because it is hard. It’s damn hard to be a Twin Flame; especially in this already complicated world.

However difficult the path, if you are a Twin Flame it is important to remember it is worth every obstacle and every ounce of pain because regardless of how corny it might seem to express this fact, it is a journey paved with uplifting moments stretched along a sacred foundation.

Sacred: it is a word we usually use in religious contexts or matters of godly connotations. If you understand the meaning of the word in the highest sense, there is a humility to it. When something is sacred, it does not seek your approval, nor does it aspire to an achievement of status. It exists in service of good; it exists in the energy and frequency of love. That is the highest and purest mission of Twin Flames – and by love, I’m not talking about some pedestrian economy of emotional exchange, I’m talking about unconditional love.

Unconditional love is loving to love without expectation of anything in return. It is loving without attachment. That is the love Twin Flames share with each other and expand in their connection. It is the love that emanates from their union and expands the universe.

Wait, what?

“Expands the universe? Xavier, have you done lost your mind, man? Surely you don’t mean that literally, do you?”

Yes. Yes, I do.

Still think I’m crazy?

Ask yourself this not so simple question – What is the purpose of the universe? Is it to expand the blackness of space and turn great spheres of rock into planets and greater spheres of energy into stars? Really? That’s it? Seems kind of pointless doesn’t it? Science will tell you many theories about what and why things happen in the universe and perhaps even show you evidence and empirical data to support it. That is, until they have a new definition, theory and/or study that completely reverses course (Looking at you, Pluto).

Here is my perspective: The purpose, point and propagation of the universe is love. Love, in the highest sense is the self-sustaining perpetual motion energy of the source of creation in the universe. If it makes it easier to understand, love is God and God is love. I am not necessarily talking about God in the sense of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, or any other identity espoused by religion. But that deepest sense of God in the formless existence of the eternal perfect.


I know I just blew up your mind, but re-read it and you will see that it is actually not as complex to understand as it initially appears. Let go of the expected patterns of reality and read with the eyes of your soul. That is the point. We walk around in the life we live satisfied living beneath invisible blinders and thinking this is all there is.

Guess what? It’s not.

Suddenly, we are thrust into the light of truth and awaken to who we truly are. For some, the awakened truth is their identity as a Twin Flame.

Being a Twin Flame means you accept a reality that is difficult to comprehend, and that is because it is completely alien to what you have always been taught and accepted to be true. Think about this mind bender; you were born as an individual in the world. However, you might not fit in. You may have had an unidentifiable vacant feeling within, a feeling which you accepted as your “normal”. You might even feel crazy because there is a whisper of a connection to something else; something that doesn’t quite make sense. Then, you have an awakening which propels you into a spiritual reality you never knew existed.

After which, you may encounter her/him; your Twin Flame who you do not necessarily know as your “Twin Flame” because the so-named concept is not even in your knowledge data-base. You feel a connection to her/his thoughts and emotions. You begin to notice signs and synchronicities – which are simultaneous occurrences of events that are connected but lack apparent causality, i.e. seeing 11:11 repeatedly, and other symptoms of being a Twin Flame.

Other Twin Flame signs and synchronicities may include:

  • Mirrored or connected experiences.
  • Similar or harmonious life-paths/soul urge numbers.
  • Mirrored names.
  • Profound dream appearances and messages.
  • Feeling of intimacy.
  • Noticing the Yin-Yang symbol.
  • Meeting under strange and/or serendipitous circumstances.

The synchronicities and signs can be highly personal and draw you back to your Twin Flame. For example, I see ‘22’, the star symbol and the vesica pisces. A friend I’ve met and come to know who also identifies herself as a Twin Flame sees her twin’s given name everywhere.

Finally, after much confusion and existential crisis, you encounter information about Twin Flames and exhale in relief (and also some worry) because you now begin to understand what and who you really are;

You are a Twin Flame.

The irony about the misconceptions surrounding Twin Flames is that much of the problem is of our own doing. Let me explain. In the course of my voracious Twin Flame search for information, I have read the good, the bad and the weird, to the downright bizarre variety of information available out there. It is the bad [misinformed] and the weird that creates the impression of incredulity. In an effort to explain the happenings of Twin Flames, some tend to gravitate to typically unrelatable terms and concepts.

For example, Twin Flames experience telepathy and are connected at the energetic level. Some tend to short hand it by speaking only in terms of divinity and spiritual concepts. Which is perfectly fine, if it resonates with you, but if you aren’t familiar with those concepts, they are not relatable.

Instead, if you understood the Twin Flame connection as the spiritual equivalent of quantum entanglement (Yes, I’m aware that not everyone can relate to quantum physics), it is at least relatable to something we may accept as part of our concrete reality. For those of you who may not be familiar with the phenomena of quantum entanglement, it is a phenomenon recognized by science where two particles are separated by time and space; what affects one, affects the other at the same time regardless of the distance between them. The particles are connected (entangled) and share an energetic signature.

Fine, let’s say you are not ready to dive head deep into quantum physics. Think of Aspen trees. On one hand they are separate trees, but on the other hand they share the same root structure in clusters. We see many trees but they are one organism. It is not so hard to understand the interconnected separateness of trees. So, why then should it be so hard to accept the interconnectedness between two people? You might not see the connected tree roots from the ground you stand on, but that does not mean that they aren’t there. Similarly, you might not see the roots between Twin Flames as they stand on the ground of your accepted reality, but it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

If you can accept that concept, then accepting the reality of Twin Flames is not entirely difficult to understand.

Want to talk more with Xavier? You can find him on the web via the links below. Alternatively, leave a comment and he will respond with pleasure. Stay tuned for more from Xavier in next week’s post – Runners & Chasers.

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  • Brenna Yoest says:

    This is a topic which is near to my heart… Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?

  • Owe Whel says:

    “…..It also sounds ordinary, but if that is what floats your boat then who am I to question your source of buoyancy?….What if there is more, though?” These lines piqued my interest, because they represent probably the chief symptom of the twin flame delusion. Yes, it is a delusion. This search for greener pastures in life, which affects most everybody at some point, is the #1 reason why human beings have failed so miserably at love. Love is an act of the will, not a static feeling of perpetual ecstasy. The belief that there is one preordained person for you (there isn’t) has caused so many people to justify infidelity and their feelings of covetousness. (“My married twin flame has a contract with his “false” twin or karmic partner [aka WIFE].”) There is also another errant twin flame belief – the runner/chaser dynamic – that has turned many (usually) women into romantic kamikazes where they waste the rest of their lives waiting around for that one person who does not love them in return.

    At the end of the day, yes, life is often boring. Relationships get mundane, sex grows stale and stereotypic. But this seeking of a constant emotional drug high is not the nature of true love, no matter how much telepathy and astral sex you think you’re experiencing. The “twin flame” is the antithesis of true love, not its fulfillment. Because it’s a lie.

    • Xavier Eastenbrick says:

      Delusions and lies. Interesting. I wonder how you came to such conclusions? Are you a psychologist? Or were you burned on your journey? There are many beliefs out there and I’m always fascinated as to how and why, drive-by psychoanalyst find twin flame articles and need to interject their own doubt. You didn’t just happen upon this article. You searched for something and found it. Your doubt aside, my faith remains. Am I delusional? According to your summary conclusions, I must be, correct? I won’t attempt to convince you otherwise. Ask yourself, why would you focus your energy on attacking the beliefs of others, instead of forming your own on your own path? Take a little advice from this delusional stranger; where you invest your energy is where you will find yourself. Make it a place you truly want to be.

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