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Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind.

Do you ever find yourself struggling for creative inspiration?
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Join Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans as we discuss points, explore alternative ways of thinking and show you how you can raise your energy and open pathways to gain access to your higher-creative mind.

Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind is a book created for authors from best-selling and award-winning authors, Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans – developed to help creatives discover and nurture their natural imaginative resources.

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Topics Include:

  • Meditation is Sexy
  • Mindfulness is as sexy as meditation
  • Unlocking Imagination
  • Tarot for the Writer
  • Creativity and Sexuality
  • Crystals for Creativity
  • Runes for Writers
  • Turning Back Time: Aborigine Dreamtime – Connect with the Earth and Ground Yourself
  • Nourish the Body, Nourish the Mind
  • Pendulum for Story and Character Development
  • Soul Purpose and Soul Connections for Creativity and Higher Purpose
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  • The Benefits of Connecting with your Higher-Self
  • Understanding the Mind For Creativity
  • Meditation for Creativity
  • The Pendulum for Story
  • Feed Your Mind: Virtual Online Tours to Inspire
  • Connecting with the Earth Energy
  • Free-from Writing
  • Tarot & Oracle Cards for Story
  • Crystals & Gemstones
  • Writing Through Disaster and Conflict
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