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Some people take you to oblivion.


“I feel you. Your sun it shines.”

Remember the 1993 Depeche Mode song, I Feel You?

It’s a dark, brooding fusion of provocative lyrics and industrial textured rock and roll that takes you where you want to go, and it’s downright sexy.

“I feel you. Within my mind.”

If I selected a theme song for this piece, this is it.

Check it out:

It was uncanny.

I encountered “just an ordinary guy” who turned out to be anything but typical.

At least, to me.

I didn’t know him from a bar of soap. I didn’t see him coming and wasn’t looking for him. Yet, his brief appearance in my life exposed a buried part of my soul which directly linked to my heart and taught me how to feel more love.

Like a higher, soul-based love.

It happens. Not too often, but when it does, you can’t miss it because you sense the remarkable difference in the energy shift when you make contact. As if the air is charged and crackling with energy, you suddenly feel a strong urge to get closer.

What is that?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll repeat it — I don’t proclaim to be an expert on soul matters, soulmates and karmic connections, and the like.

I’m not.

I’m just an ordinary woman who began a strange journey when I decided to know more about this life — my truths and connection to universal energy. So, I started exploring and tuning in to a deeper part of myself, and I practiced operating from that space.

I ached to know more.

There’s a divine presence surrounding us here on earth, and whatever you make of that, I discovered that energy is genuine and highly intelligent.

And it listens.

I asked for more and offered to be of service.

The universe sent him my way.

“You take me there,

You take me where,

The kingdom comes.”

I know now that very few souls come to us to embellish our experiences with an intensely delicious flavor. Instead, most people skate around the sidelines of our lives, with few affecting us profoundly.

But we are tethered to some people via invisible soul ties — the rare connections capable of touching us from the inside out and creating a lasting impact on us.

The same connections we’ve known over many lifetimes.

Like a soul vibration.

soul vibration is a person’s highest energetic expression of self. Each person’s energy frequency is unique, like a fingerprint.

Before him, I had no idea what it meant to feel someone with my soul. Not really. I’d loved deeply and given my heart wholly, yes. But this was different. The connection felt more spiritual than anything.

I can literally feel him within my soul.

How is that possible? I hear you ask.

Great question.

Since we all vibrate at unique energetic levels, if we share the same soul frequency with someone else, then we can feel them with our soul.

Some people call it a soulmate or “mirrored soul” thing. Others may call it plain madness and make use of taunting those who experience the phenomenon.

People fear what they don’t understand.

Me? I prefer to steer clear of labels and go with the flow.

Either way, the experience brings as much confusion as clarity because feeling someone with your soul is like opening a can of worms — your worms.

And some worms are incredibly dark, convoluted, and filthy.

How does it feel?

  • As if your inner self can finally come to rest in the heart of another.
  • As if you have met before, in another lifetime, or many lifetimes.
  • Like there is something especially familiar about them.
  • As if they are close despite geographical differences.
  • Like instant attraction multiplied by 1000.
  • Like an energetic buzz zapping through your body.
  • Like you cannot deny it.

Honestly, I struggle to articulate the sensations fully, but I can tell you it feels:

Like soul contact.

“You take me to

And lead me through


Making soul contact and awakening your heart center can be one of the most critical and transformative steps on your path of spiritual awakening that you will ever experience.

Like a catalyst, if you will.

Feeling someone with your soul means you are entering into territory beyond description with words and into the formless world of feeling and intuition.

But personal growth of this magnitude is never a walk in the park because it means purging old stuff that no longer serves.

This cleansing process is challenging, frustrating, and exhausting because we humans have to do a lot of work to see through our ego, and ego dissolution is complicated.

Stuff like:

  • Control.
  • Judgment.
  • Inflexibility.
  • Ruthlessness.
  • Manipulative tactics.
  • The need to feel superior.
  • Praise seeking.
  • Holding grudges.

It isn’t easy to look through our mind’s false stories that veil the truth — and this is precisely what happens when you encounter a soul intertwined with yours. This person will have a knack for showing you warts and all.

Hey, whether in this life or the next, all of us will eventually have to do the ego work. We must push beyond the ego to live a more authentic, compassionate life with humility.

Our most intricate soul connections help to accelerate ego dissolution.

How does it feel?

  • Chaos — like your world turns upside down.
  • Scared — the intensity of the connection is unlike anything you will have ever experienced.
  • Unsettled and uprooted.
  • Crazy — have you dreamed the whole thing?
  • Impatient — hurt and upset.
  • Deeply painful.
  • Sorrowfully beautiful.

Sheesh. It sounds a bit like a horror novel on the surface. But, of course, it helps to be gentle with yourself throughout the purging process, as does the act of surrender.

And surrender feels like:

A soul beast.

“This is the morning of our love

It’s just the dawning of our love.”

Your soul is a beast.

I don’t mean that negatively — quite the contrary. I’m talking about the unstructured, ethereal part of you that is tameless, timeless, and wild.

Feeling someone soul-to-soul awakens a spiritual dimension that spreads over the entire spectrum of your being and emotions. It introduces you to yourself and catapults you toward seeing and feeling and exploring your hidden depths and unseen heights.

In short, your soul beast is impressive.

Once you see the whole of you, which is limitless, the ego has very little power. Therefore, the ego/mind does not stand a chance against the light of truth.

It still exists, just seen through.

In other words, you don’t buy into it much anymore — seeing through the ego is a new way of living.

You are now living in freedom.

How does it feel?

  • It feels infinite.
  • And like your soul person understands who you are without the need for words.
  • Like a soft, warm, exquisite light in your body.
  • Like sensual heat curling through your erroneous zones.
  • Like physical distance and chronological time seem meaningless.
  • Like your heart overflows with so much love that you cannot contain it.
  • And like the above point can feel scary.
  • Like you are surrounded by unconditional love.

I feel you.

Yeah, it was uncanny.

I was unexpectedly gifted a soul on earth who ignited a spiritual evolution in me and showed me what it meant to feel someone with my soul, just by being himself.

Alas, that’s what our most profound and rarest soul connections do to us and why it is to be cherished, honored, and appreciated.

I will always be grateful for the experience.

Now, back to feeling Depeche Mode…

“Where angels sing

And spread their wings

My love’s on high.”