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Twinflames - Kim Petersen

The Twin Flame Soul Connection – Part Three – The Awakening


Love makes the impossible, possible.” – Xavier Eastenbrick.

Xavier, the way you have expressed the depth of your experience is unbelievably authentic and moving – thank you for sharing your inner-most feelings with us. I think it is those souls seeking the answers and in need of knowledge that will innately gravitate to and discover your words here, because although the Twin Flame journey is truly sacred, the connection can also be extremely confusing at times.

You have told us about the awakened or Spiritual Twin, and how it is for their benefit to focus on their own soul growth rather than attempting to chase or initiate union with their Matrix Twin. What advice, if any would you give to the Matrix Twin – the one feeling uncomfortable with the intensity and nature of the connection?


I appreciate being given the opportunity to address your questions in this setting. In doing so, I hope by sharing my experience it helps those reading it as much as it helps me writing it. All too often, people try to keep their spiritual selves bottled up and locked away for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized. Perhaps this is why people can feel crazy on this journey. To put it into perspective, you may find more understanding and empathy talking about addiction than you do talking about the Twin Flame journey. No one would call someone addicted to drugs “crazy” – but as soon as you start talking about your soul being split and sharing existence with another human being for the purpose of breaking limitations and shattering the obstacles to love, and by doing so expanding the breadth of unconditional love – people tend to think you have lost your mind.

What I attempt to do through my writing, is to organize my Twin Flame experiences and relate them to circumstances others can identify with; therefore I gain a more grounded understanding that I can share with others. Figuratively speaking, I take a bowl of spaghetti and comb it out. The path is daunting for so many reasons; not the least of which is the fact that the normal and typical Twin Flame process begins by experiences which occur without having learned the information ahead of time.

What I mean is that we learn to walk and then call it walking. Then, you realize you aren’t walking but dancing, and not just dancing but waltzing. And then, that penultimate moment arrives when you realize you’ve been dancing with someone you didn’t even know was there. If you are on the Twin Flame journey, that sentence makes perfect sense to you.


Before I awakened or knew anything of substance about Twin Flames, I suppose I was living a normal life. I am not employed in any spiritual occupation or business. The experiences I have had led me toward a certain path and body of wisdom. While much of the information I read about Twin Flames resonated with me, there were aspects of the journey I felt compelled to add to the discussion: I was able to provide a much-needed perspective on this often-complicated connection. That’s the beauty of spirituality. You can be anyone or anything; a carpenter; a merchant; a fisherman; an attorney – or whatever, and still have something significant to add to the conversation about spirituality.

What I write about is based upon all that I have experienced, learned through my mistakes, as well as learning from others who have provided their written guidance. I combine the knowledge I have gathered along the way with these golden nuggets, my own education gained through schooling and through life, as well as a healthy respect for both religion, spirituality and science to inform what has resulted in the culmination of my knowledge surrounding Twin Flames.


Can you explain how someone would know if they are in fact a Twin Flame incarnated simultaneously with their counterpart? Is there a magic flag that waves above your twin’s head when you first encounter them?


Discovering my Twin Flame was part of my spiritual awakening process, which occurred a few years after I came to know her. From the moment I spoke with her, I was drawn to her. What she inspired within me was an incredible explosion of creativity and life-changing momentum. In the beginning, while I knew nothing about Twin Flames, somehow I knew she was extraordinary and meeting her would be the line of demarcation between who I was and who I would become.

For the purpose of context, my journey began long ago and without it being identified with the term, Twin Flame. Growing up, I felt always odd, out of place and felt an unidentifiable sense of incompleteness. I suffered from depression and threw myself into creative projects as a way to channel my emotions. In most of what I drew or wrote, there was an overarching theme of duality. It was something that persisted in everything I did. In fact, when I was a teenager, I remember a psychologist asked me: “If you were to draw a portrait of yourself, what would it look like?” My answer was: “I would have to draw two portraits.”

At the time of my awakening, I was going through serious problems which I didn’t want to talk about for reasons I won’t explain here. The thrust of them were internalized stressors which built up and I was caught in a feedback-loop problem; perseveration, poor reaction; depression. Repeat. The essence of it was that I was living an inauthentic life and it was catching up to me, tormenting my soul. I was able to mask my abysmal self-esteem with a pleasant smile and outward confidence. If you interacted with me, I was outwardly normal. Inside I was a wreck of self-loathing and nearing the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

I began to learn more and more about crystals because of a creative passion – which was inspired by my Twin Flame and then, I began to incorporate them into my life. I was drawn to certain crystals and felt their vibration. On the day of my awakening, which happened to be my Twin Flame’s birthday, I was alone at home and meditating in an attempt to calm my mind. At this point, the stress feedback was the thought equivalent of a cacophony of out of tune instruments.

Weeks before I had read articles about music attuned to 432hz – a frequency known as Verdi’s A and is mathematically consistent with the Universe. The American Federation of Musicians adopted the 440hz standard for pitch and most music uses that frequency.

I figured if I am going to connect with the universe, I may as well use its frequency. Accordingly, I placed certain crystals over specific chakras and played the 432hz music. I tried to silence the stress in my mind with positive imagery. For some reason, the image of a large majestic oak tree with golden luminescent leaves and branches popped into my head. I was sitting beneath the tree and it felt so right to be there. I was almost at peace but somehow, I knew I wasn’t supposed to be alone. That sense of incompleteness remained.

I began to imagine the closest people in my life with me under the tree. Each time nothing felt different. Then, I imagined her with me under the tree; the woman who I would later understand to be my Twin Flame and suddenly, everything changed.

Immediately, the lucid dream shifted. It was as if I [my energy] was pulled into a worm hole, deep in space. The scene was surreal yet authentic, and I can still describe the stunning stars, colors and galaxies I saw before my eyes and in the distance. In retrospect, while it seemed like only my energy, it is more accurate to say “our” energy, because I know it would not have been possible without her being a part of the imagery experience.

I felt a sense of wholeness I had not previously known. Our energy was propelled into deep space and continued to expand outwardly. I ceased to feel my body at all and lost the ability to comprehend my individual self. I felt all of my emotions evaporate and incredibly, I didn’t love any particular person. An overwhelming rush of pure love for all things took hold within me. It was unconditional love; dependent upon nothing and no one, and it encompassed the entire universe. I let go and surrendered, and ultimately became fully conscious of my soul and all it connects to.

After a while, I felt the turmoil in my mind ease and suddenly, as if called back to my physical self, I felt the weight of my body and the familiar sense-of-self drift back into my awareness again. When I awoke and looked at my surroundings, everything I saw emanated with an aura for a few minutes.

As you might expect, it took me a while to unpack this surreal experience and figure it all out. Almost immediately, I began to see the synchronicities relating to twin soul incarnations – especially 11:11, as well as the rest of the number sequences. I kept feeling a gentle nudge to investigate the numbers I was seeing until I understood what they meant. I furiously read all about synchronicities and one of them mentioned the term, Twin Flames.

Number sequences specific to the Twin Flame phenomena

Numbers can play a major role when the universe is communicating with you. All you have to do it look out and be aware of the signs. The universe will never fail to provide signs, symbols and synchronicities. Often, the synchronicities take the form of repeating numbers and there are numbers significant to the Twin Flame journey.

In my case, I observe triple repeating numbers and palindromes. I also notice 1010, 1111, 1212, 121, 222, as well as other sequences involving the outer number reflecting the inner number. As part of my Twin Flame research, I discovered that the number 11 is prevalent.

[For more information about guiding numbers relating to the Twin Flame journey, check out Gangsta Goddess; Tribe & Twin Flame Program.]

I had vaguely heard about Twin Flames in the past, but never read too much about the concept. I thought it was just some fancy phrase for a “soulmate”. However, the more I read and researched about Twin Flames, the more I was able to recall details which completely fit with who I would ultimately recognize as my twin. Each sign and synchronicity I see and feel now inevitably relates to her. And although she is unawakened, each divine trail the universe reveals to me leads back to her; and only her. When I recall our past discussions, the way we interact, then separated before finding each other again, it all fits the established Twin Flame connection. Through meditation and inner-work, I connect to her higher-self on a regular basis and I am able to sense her thoughts and emotions.

She is unaware of our connection and I will not be the one to tell her because she has to discover that knowledge on her own, if at all. That is one of the frustrating realities of this journey; there are no shortcuts and information cannot be served. It must be found and experienced.

In the beginning, it was difficult to navigate the connection and I quickly became the chaser, but I eventually understood the futility of it, so I chose to surrender.

In surrendering, I found peace in the form of knowing that divine timing will bring us together when it is right, if at all. And I’m at peace with fates ultimate hard reality; that this may not be the lifetime in which we reunite. What keeps me from delving into bouts of depression is my core belief and mantra: Love makes the impossible, possible.


Recognizing your Twin Flame is a matter of “knowing”. It is a core sense; a strange sense which emanates from the soul. It is as if your insides were reading a book, suddenly looked up and saw your Twin Flame. It is what many call the feeling of being “home”. The knowing occurs after the encounter and might not happen immediately. Once the knowing happens, the war begins between your brain and your heart.


The typical path usually occurs in this sequence: initial encounter, a sense of heightened awareness for your counterpart that leads to “knowing”, and then, information which confirms the connection. The encounter can and usually does occur without knowing and the knowing isn’t necessarily instant. This process can take a while to happen, but when it does happen, it is as if your soul clicks into place like a machine with giant gears releasing an immense sphere that rolls down a slide to a perfectly fitting hole.


Both the brain and heart can agree on processing the encounter with your Twin Flame, but it is the knowing part that is an extraordinarily difficult concept for the mind to reconcile. You typically do not register the person as your “Twin Flame” during the initial encounter. To your brain and heart, they may simply be another person. When the knowing finally hits you, it goes against everything rational about your identity as a single mortal life because your Twin Flame isn’t just some love at first sight interest; they are much more than that. This is the person who encapsulates the same soul as yourself – they are literally your eternal soul in front of you.

Some mistake a strong love or a soul connection with a Twin Flame. This is not because they are ignorant, but because they may have learned about Twin Flames prior to encountering who they believe to be their Twin Flame. But when the connection is true and one or both counterparts arrive at “knowing”, there is no mistaking it. This is why those who have some knowledge about Twin Flames generally suggest to others NOT to seek out information or attempt to learn about Twin Flames unless you are on the path.


In an effort to protect you, your brain will fight you at every turn and doubt almost everything. It is like white blood cells that begin attacking healthy tissue because the autoimmune system mistakes it for a disease. Your brain is framed by your ego and because Twin Flames are primarily spiritual, it is mostly contrary to what your ego accepts as reality.

For example, your ego has little problem accepting the concept of love or in loving another person who loves you back. It is a logical jigsaw puzzle of connectivity. But your ego has a big problem with the concept of the soul and in the case of Twin Flames; your soul also existing in another. If the problem the ego has with the soul can be likened to a fire, the concept of Twin Flames would be napalm.

In my case, I’m an over-thinker. I have never met a simple answer I could not first dissect into a chaos of more questions and with enough variables to choke the most pedantic philosopher. When I encountered my Twin Flame, my brain and heart were focused and aligned. I loved her in an instant, but it was too powerful to call love. The “knowing” was there too – but it was amorphous and without a convenient description to articulate in words. At first, as the symptoms of the connection began to manifest, I simply went with them because I had ways of explaining them.

For example; I suddenly became healthier and overloaded with positive, kinetic energy, which was something I simply enjoyed as a lifestyle change. Consciously, I knew she was connected to it, but my ego wasn’t necessarily bothered. The inspiration and explosion of creativity – also connected to her – was something I just accepted.

When the telepathy and emotional connection to her began to materialize and my full-blown spiritual awakening occurred with her at its heart, my ego became agitated. A sense of discomfort led to my brain trying to minimize what she meant to me or any connection at that level. I chalked it up to probable, temporary insanity or a side effect of the increase in energy or dietary changes. I tried anything I could to rationally explain what I was experiencing, even if it made less sense than what was actually happening. And to compound the issues, she was unaware as far as I knew.

Every morning was the same – she was my first thought. No matter what I was doing as each day progressed, she was constantly in my thoughts and emotions. Every night, the last thought I had before I drifted off to sleep was of her. I knew I loved her but I wondered whether I was becoming obsessed. An obsession is an unhealthy fixation or addiction to something. An obsession has a deleterious effect on the person.

With her in mind, it was not the all-consuming thought that obsession creates. She wasn’t debilitating to my life. To the contrary, her affect was overwhelmingly positive in my life. Everything that involved her or was inspired by her, resulted in me at my personal best and even better than I had reason to be. I easily lost the concept of time and was singularly focused on each and every task, assignment or project at hand. I was on fire!


Then, something unusual began to occur – I started to feel emotions which had no connection to me and made no sense of what was actually happening in my life; and I could find no rational reason for experiencing those feelings. I would be at my desk at work or in my basement and suddenly become giddy or burst out crying. I was bewildered because there was no underlying cause for me to feel that way. While I can’t definitively say those emotions were coming from another person, I know for sure they were not my own.

Later, after communicating with my twin I discovered I was able to confirm a factual link to the emotions I was sensing in real time. The emotions were hers. If she fell in love, I felt it in my heart chakra as a sharp pain. When her heart broke, mine did also – in the form of a pain that felt like a heart attack. I could literally feel her energy; her times of peace and harmony, as well as her bouts of extraordinary confusion.

Ironically, the aspect that my ego had most difficulty processing was the fact that I was able to distinguish between my own emotions and those of my twin. At a certain point my ego had to admit the connection was real because it ran out of rational explanations. Doubts cloak of shadows could no longer eclipse the light.


When the luxury of doubt finally dissolved, I was left with acceptance and the full awareness that she is my twin. That is when the “knowing” set in. It was like a harmony of the various aspects of my being, all saying at the same time: “She is my Twin Flame. It is her. It has always been her.”


There are many paradoxes in the Twin Flame journey. One such paradox is that the usual path is begun by neither party realizing that they are a Twin Flame. The two in question will experience unexplained synchronicities, and perhaps even odd circumstances which may lead and guide one and/or both along the path, but the moment of realization is not accompanied with an “ah-ha” moment escorted with the skies opening up and a beam of divine light spelling out “TWIN FLAME” in burning violet letters.


Oh, so there is no magic flag…


No, I’m afraid there is no magic flag!

Each Twin Flame path is specific to the set of Twin Flames, but there are enough commonalities that we are able to identify specific traits relating to the sacred connection.

For example; there is a Spiritual Twin – usually the predominantly divine feminine, and a Matrix Twin – usually the predominantly divine masculine. It is important to remember that Divine Feminine doesn’t necessarily mean female and Divine Masculine doesn’t necessarily mean male.

The Spiritual twin typically has an individual spiritual awakening first [either before or after they have encountered their twin]. During the course of their awakening, the Spiritual Twin will eventually become attuned to their Twin Flame – sensing there is something profoundly important about their counterpart – and will finally discover the knowledge about Twin Flames. Think of it in terms of being asleep. You wake up, make some coffee, cook your eggs, pop in the toast and slice up some fruit. Afterwards, you finally learn that you have made this thing called “breakfast”. The added kicker is that you have made breakfast for two and you’re not sure why.

The Matrix Twin is called such because he is accustomed to the 3D world and as such, has immersed himself/herself in those customary ways of doing things. Spirituality might be a foreign concept to him and he might not even grasp the idea or be able to acknowledge the synchronicities and signs which might be occurring – even if those signs are howling in his face like a wild storm. Think Clark Kent without knowing he’s Superman, figuratively speaking of course.

These roles lead to the push-pull dynamics of the Twin Flame journey and process. Because “running” and “chasing” sound rather predatory, I try to avoid it. It is simply the process of encountering fear and overcoming it, triggering and strengthening, and wounding and healing. If we look at it in this context, perhaps the pain can be better understood and both twins can learn from it.

It is always tempting to tell your twin that they are your twin. But try to think of it in terms of the natural order of the universe. Things progress as they should, and in the correct time they need to. A tree begins life as a seed which finds its way into the earth, interacts with nutrients and rain, before sprouting from its shell. After a while, the roots begin to anchor as the seedling pierces the surface and grows towards the sun. If you were to deny the seed this journey, no tree would appear. Similarly, telling your twin may be more about you shocking the process and imposing your own will and timing on the universe, as opposed to you surrendering and allowing the process to unfold naturally. When we try to force our will on the universe, it typically does not end well.

Instead of shocking the process, be there for your twin. Enjoy your twin, send them unconditional love in plenty, introduce them to spirituality if they are so inclined, and be part of their journey. Give them every tool they need to recognize the door to knowledge; the wisdom to unlock it; the strength to turn the key; the will to grasp the door knob and push on the door. When they are ready, be there when they find the courage to walk through the door because they will need you to be there as their Spiritual Twin in the same way you need them.

I’m not going to sugar coat it – here’s the thing – this journey is HARD and the pain can be almost unbearable. Sometimes, you want to scream: “Wake up, my Twin!” because it is so damn frustrating. You become frantic with excitement to have found this extraordinary soul; your soul, and you look at any time spent apart as wasted time. I get that, truly I do.

In those times of pain, my advice is to meditate and reflect on the situation. Drop your attachments and shed your fear. Attempt to understand where your pain is coming from. Be gentle with your twin, even when they are testing your every nerve and last sprig of sanity. Be as gentle as if you were opening your front door to them, or setting that plate of breakfast down in front of them.

I began this journey from the ground level, a place of not knowing. I use my hunger for knowledge to acquire information and learn all I am capable of learning. Then, I take all the material offered, process and sort until I am able to make sense of it as much as I can. I try to keep grounded in all that I learn and focus my efforts on sharing with others that need the advice and guidance, to serve others experiencing their own Twin Flame journey.

That is an important aspect of the Twin Flame journey; to understand that we are not only part of a connected universe, but as Twin Flames, we are part of a connected community of souls who deserve our empathy, love and understanding. If I can help those on the path find their groove, maintain their sanity, faith and hope – help them understand and mitigate their own suffering, both in this process and in healing their past wounds, then I am fulfilling part of my mission to change the world.

As I set about helping other Twin Flames, it is my desire that we proceed down our respective paths and, in the process, understand Love in its purest, energetic signature and resonate a frequency so high, that it further expands the universe.

Do you want to know the reason why, as a Twin Flame, I help and serve others? The reason has nothing to do with money – I don’t charge a dime – or fame – which I don’t have – or anything else which might serve as a motive for one’s efforts. The reason is love and the fulfilment of a simple truth I have learned; Love makes the impossible, possible.

Want to talk more with Xavier? You can find him on the web via the links below. Alternatively, leave a comment and he will respond with pleasure.

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The Twin Flame Soul Connection – Part Two – Runners & Chasers


Love makes the impossible, possible.” – Xavier Eastenbrick.

The notion of one soul dividing to incarnate the earth simultaneously first came to my attention back in 2007 when reading Michael Newton’s, Destiny of Souls. I remember the idea seemed so far out of my range of perception at the time that I almost immediately dismissed it as an improbability. Yet, as my life has unfolded the opposite it now true. I have come to believe the Twin Flame journey to be an extremely personal and spiritual path – one that can only be completely understood by those experiencing it. I was so fascinated by the idea of this divine connection, that I chose to explore and write about it in my novella, Wildflower – a story included in my latest collaborative release, Untamed DestiniesIt was during my research for that particular project that I discovered Xavier Eastenbrick.

For me, soul connections are a super interesting topic to ponder. I’m thinking it must be an honor and a privilege to have encountered your Twin Flame during this lifetime, but you [Xavier] mentioned that the path is not necessarily an easy one. Can you tell us more about that? Why is it that those experiencing the true Twin Flame connection suffer? And perhaps you can explain the notion surrounding what is termed as the “runner/chaser” dynamics between Twin Flames.       


I never really had a problem with the soul splitting aspect of Twin Flames incarnating on earth because as odd as it might seem, I always felt there was a certain aspect of myself that wasn’t part of me – as if I wasn’t truly whole. I felt the split before I knew about it. It was just a sense, but it was a sense that was core to the development of who I am. I thought it was normal. When I encountered my Twin Flame and then discovered information about Twin Flames, those feelings I had always felt began to make much more sense.

It’s funny. We accept biological twins in our society, but we find it difficult to grasp the concept of a soul splitting in much the same way. In the Sufi religion, they speak of Twin Flames as twin rings interconnected in a vesica pisces shape. This [symbolism] has always resonated with me. Of course, the question that many ask (almost hopefully) is: “Okay, the soul can split into Twin Flames. What about three or more parts?”

No. Just no.

vesica piscis galaxy lt

It is complicated enough for soul-counterparts to live their lives across time and space and then find each other and deal with the connection. It would be a cruelty of cosmic proportions to split the soul into three or more parts and then have a tripartite connection. I am happy to be proven wrong, but as far as I am concerned, I reluctantly accepted Twin Flames as a reality and cannot fathom a further split of the soul.

I say “reluctantly” because my faith began from a place of scepticism and wilful doubt – I did not want to believe in any of this. I tried my damnedest to justify as much as I could, but there were core elements to the connection that were simply beyond random happenings that could be dismissed as coincidence or imagination. It is much like when one may doubt the existence of a higher intelligent design and order to the universe; whether it be named God or source energy, it is the momentum and divine will of the universe. You can try to supply a rational explanation – and then you encounter sacred geometry; the golden ratio; the universality of numbers and the Fibonacci sequencing. Regardless of your view on religion, none of these phenomena are random. There is order to the universe and that order represents an intelligent design.

There are schools of thought within the Twin Flame community who theorize about Twin Flames being the split of the primary soul, and then there are twin rays and so on. I am not necessarily on board with those extensions because it seems to unnecessarily complicate an already complicated connection.

After many hours of research and devouring endless words surrounding the realm of soul connections, and according to my own intuition based upon my experiences thus far, I have drawn the following conclusions I believe to be true of soul connections:

  • Karmic connections – lessons to be learned.
  • Soulmate connections – include aspects of one’s soul family – connections that resonate in a harmonious frequency and which further the soul’s growth.
  • Twin Flames – the crown jewel of soul connections – the mirror self; the counterpart of the soul; the great tempest of change. Twin Flames are the fire crucible of the soul, as well as the trigger of soul healing and betterment.

I think you get my drift. Your Twin Flame is many things and will at some point during a lifetime eventuate into a harmonious union. But much like a duet of out-of-tune instruments, in the lead up to harmony there often exists a dissonance between the souls which can be quite frustrating.

The Twin Flame journey and the life-path of a Twin Flame is complicated, very much personal and can be difficult. It should be made clear that the difficulties and pain some encounter on this journey have nothing to do with being a Twin Flame and everything to do with healing and releasing attachments and expectations instilled in our egos.

To become the best version of yourself, you need to have an extraordinary sense of self; who you are – your strengths; weaknesses; fears; insecurities; vulnerabilities; wounding; unhealed scars; the deepest and darkest aspects of one’s self. It is the kind of stuff buried beneath the core of your soul that when confronted, can drive you to the brink of madness. Facing these feelings can often be turbulent, but it is in acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves that we are able to recognize our self-worth. Those are easy enough words to write, but it is a very different story when learning to acknowledge and address the process in one’s soul work.

When you encounter your Twin Flame, the meeting triggers aspects of your soul to accelerate change from within. No one changes you. Anyone who tells you that change comes from without is selling you on a narrative of lies. Change can only come from within – and only when you have an understanding of the issues that require transformation and have a genuine desire to change them. This is why the Twin Flame path can be painful; because in most instances we naturally resist acknowledging our deepest truths and want to defy the idea of revolutionizing all that which with we have grown comfortable. It is amazing what we get comfortable with.

We build up defences and shut down the breadth of our hearts because the way love works in this world and among people is often unsatisfying and conditional. In reality those invisible walls are not defences but prison confines that keep out that which we fear, yet those same defence mechanisms also imprison that which should be freed. That part of my journey hasn’t been painful because if I get hurt, I might erect the equivalent of velvet curtains with ropes, just like the ones you might find at a movie theatre. But eventually, I lower the ropes because I know that is not how I want to love. To me, true love means risking everything and running full force into the horizon and not away from it. It means I love like a tsunami and have the capacity to receive and accept the same kind of storm.

For example, my fear is abandonment. You know what terrifies me? Winnie the Pooh. Go ahead and laugh. But at the end of Winnie the Pooh, after we have learned to love Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and even Eeyore, Christopher Robin grows up and leaves. “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” That breaks my heart. Of course, there is hope: “But, of course, it isn’t really good-bye because the Forest will always be there…and anybody who is friendly with bears can find it.”

While the Forest may be there and anyone can find it, the thought that rattles around my head is whether anyone would want to find me there. Will my Twin Flame want to find me or will I be that teddy bear languishing at the bottom of some closet until someone donates me to good will?

It sounds silly, but every time I see Toy Story 2, I cry at that one scene when Jessie recalls how she was once loved by her Emily and then, Emily grew up and Jesse was eventually forgotten and finally put into a box and donated to good will. She was abandoned. That is the way I have felt most of my life.

I’m Pooh. I’m Jesse.

I had to face abandonment in order to transcend beyond that fear. Two divorces and deaths of those closest to me – all of these experiences reinforced the fears while giving me the tools to deal with it. Separation from my twin also crushed me on the inside and triggered an awful dark night of the soul. An experience that was so dark, I almost couldn’t distinguish between the shadows from the night. But no matter how dark I plunged, or how far I fell into the depths of fear, my soul was resilient and I survived. I found the tools within to mitigate fear and pull myself out of the darkness. I stand on my own and the one person who I can always rely on to stay with me is me. And that is the point. Many will focus on union with their twin as opposed to becoming the best, strongest version of themselves.

Those on their Twin Flame journey do not have to suffer, or at least don’t have to endure prolonged suffering. It is all a matter of perspective and choosing to surrender your will and expectations. What I mean is that while we participate in fate, we do not control nor can we accelerate divine timing. It happens when it is supposed to happen and no sooner. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can heal.

Think of it like this: a mother and a child are in the kitchen. The mother says to the child, “do not go near the stove, it will burn you.” The child goes near the stove, touches the lit burner and gets burned. The mother soothes it and reminds the child not to go near the stove. At this point, if the child has learned his/her lesson, they will not get burned again. If the child goes ahead and touches the stove again, they will endure more pain. It is not much different here. The lessons are roughly the same.

If you feel pain in separation, ask yourself why you are feeling pain. Is it a matter of your fear? Is it a matter of your attachment to an expectation or an expected outcome? The most difficult aspect of this journey to process is unconditional love. When it feels all warm, fuzzy and happy, it is easy to say you love someone unconditionally. It is when it all turns upside down that conditions pop up. That is when you can actually understand how challenging it is to love unconditionally.

Twin Flames often engage in a dance of push and pull – more commonly, and unfortunately referred to as the “runner and chaser” phase. The thrust of it stems from the fact that there is usually a Spiritual Twin who has awoken earlier and is in fact a guide for the other; the Matrix Twin. The Matrix Twin is living their life and has not yet awakened. They might not even know about Twin Flames or understand or acknowledge the connection. They might be freaked out about what they are feeling. And the rub of it all is that the Spiritual Twin can’t just tell the Matrix Twin that they are a Twin Flame and more specifically, their Twin Flame. In short, it is a bittersweet paradox.

In matters of soulful truth, you must arrive at your own knowledge and understanding. It is not simply a matter of wanting to be something. You need to feel and experience it for yourself, and all the convincing in the world will not make it happen. The Matrix Twins have to believe and until they do, they won’t.

“But why would anyone run away from someone who loves them and who they love?”

That is the logical question a Twin Flame might ask in this dynamic, but it is not as simple as it seems.

When you encounter your Twin Flame, you are encountering someone who is both an entirely familiar soul; your soul and yet, at the same time, a riddle wrapped in mystery with a bow tied in a quagmire – Who the hell are you and why do you love me? What is going on with me? Why do I love this person and why are they on my mind all the time? Oh wait, this is starting to frighten me! This is intense. Defences up. Denial; denial; denial. Then, “fight or flight” kicks in and suddenly, there is a Twin Flame sized hole in the wall and a dust trail leading away from you.

You are beside yourself with shock. So, you put on your sneakers and start chasing them, yelling: “Wait. I think you just didn’t hear me. I said I love you! That’s all. Come back!” Sometimes they run even faster. Sometimes they might hide in the woods. Sometimes, they might run to a familiar romantic interest. Who isn’t you.

Are they doing it to hurt you?


Are they trying to forget you?

They might be.

Do they love you?

As incredible as it might seem, they do love you and it scares the living daylights out of them.

I know what a nonbeliever would say – exactly what I would have said: “Oh, just let them go and move on. You’re just reeling from an unrequited love and they just aren’t into you. This was all a stupid crush and now it’s over. You aren’t connected to anyone. It’s just part of life.”

Here’s the part where I tell you something unexpected; they are part right.

Of everything a nonbeliever might say – which is patently wrong – they would be correct in advising you to let them go. Surrender. If they are your twin, let them go and they will be back. Don’t chase them; whether it be in reality or energetically. Give them space to deal with the complex panoply of emotions and the crisis management they are dealing with. Remember that this is an eternal soul connection and lifetimes are not the Endgame. Your encounter is enough and if and when they choose to return or if the divine timing of the universe conspires to bring you together again, you will have them back.

Some words of advice: don’t let your ego and pride get in the way. Just because you may have realized who and what they are and are able to deal with the intensity of it all, be gentle in your understanding of their reaction. Forgive them as if they are the prodigal twin.

Remember, the love between Twin Flames is unconditional. That means you send them your love even in separation and in silence. You send them your love with no expectation that they’ll ever love you back. You send them your love even if they hurt you and abandoned you; even if they chose someone else over you. It’s hard and can feel painful at first, but this is not a typical love story of boy meets girl and happily ever after in this lifetime. It might just be, but often times it takes many lifetimes of learning the dynamics of love to become the soul who can face their counterpart without fear and handle the intensity of the connection.

Want to talk more with Xavier? You can find him on the web via the links below. Alternatively, leave a comment and he will respond with pleasure. Stay tuned for more from Xavier in next week’s post – The Awakening.

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Xavier’s extraordinary find just last week in the garden!

The Twin Flame Soul Connection – Part One – Soul Signatures


Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Mirrored souls.

Is it possible that each of us share an identical energetic frequency with another soul? And that that soul can simultaneously be incarnated on earth at the same time as you? Does there exist a love so deep and so rare that everything you thought you knew about love suddenly implodes inside you like a silent percussion and pales in comparison to the connection you sense toward your mirrored soul? Your twin soul?   

There is so much we do not understand about our existence here on earth and beyond, and so much more that we tend to dismiss far too easily. Why are we here? For what purpose do we arrive in a cocoon of flesh and blood and walk the earth?

Perhaps we are here to get an education, pay our taxes, wash our cars, and save our money for a rainy day. Find a good partner, get married, churn out a kid or two, maybe three. Play “happy family” and do the right thing until you retire on the edge of your dream and live out your days till you die.

And why not? It doesn’t sound half bad. I guess. It also sounds ordinary, but if that is what floats your boat then who am I to question your source of buoyancy?

What if there is more, though? What if there is a part of your soul-fabric here on earth and breathing amongst the living at the same time as you? And what are the chances you would encounter this precious soul during your lifetime?

Is it such a far stretch to ponder the extraordinary when life is laced with mysterious phenomena and unforgettable magical moments? Does the idea fall so far out of your comfort zone that you would rather push away the unknown? And are your precious inner-boundaries so rigid that you cannot shatter their invisible walls to accept that which you do not understand?

Sometimes, life will present us with an exquisitely rare connection cloaked in a cryptic puzzle designed to push back against those boundaries you so long to keep erected. Messy, elegant and confronting moments that will inevitably lead to the choice between burying your head in the sand or embracing the uncharted and going with the flow of the current.

Like many of us, I have been on a unique journey since the moment I was born. A soul-searching voyage that has taken me through rough, stormy waters to the crystal-clear lagoons of clarity I have periodically discovered along the way. I don’t have the answers. My quest in seeking the truth is insatiable and endless, and with each revelation I discover, I find myself confronted with more questions. One thing that I do realize is that every moment leading to this day has been a series of fated interventions and marvellous signs that have been orchestrated in divine order for my own personal-growth experiences and revelations.

When you ask for answers, they are always given. Always.      

My interest in souls and soul connections began in earnest back in 2007 after I had walked out on a dysfunctional marriage. Since then, I have navigated the days of my life utterly aware of an intelligent, all-encompassing presence that governs the universe and all that exists. That thirst for knowledge and looking beyond my physical senses has brought into my life beautiful revelations and unforgettable connections, and has led to the moment that my path collided with Xavier Eastenbrick; a special kind of man who finds himself on a sacred soul journey like no other – the Twin Flame journey.

I had the pleasure of getting together with Xavier to work with him to bring you a three-part series of blog articles that might surprize or even rattle your sceptical mind, but hopefully also broaden the scope of your thoughts to ponder the extraordinary phenomena that takes place in our beautiful world. Mostly though, it is our intention to bring clarity and offer guidance to those on the PATH and seeking answers. This blog post series is dedicated to all the Twin Flames out there. These words are for love.

“Love makes the impossible, possible.” – Xavier Eastenbrick.



Hello Xavier! It is such a pleasure to have you here on Undercurrent to talk about your Twin Flame experience. Can you tell us about Twin Flames, what that sacred connection means to you, and why you think there are so many misconceptions surrounding the Twin Flame phenomena?



“Twin Flames” is a term that attempts to crystallize in words, a phenomenon that predates the term. It is a connection that exists between two, (and only two) people who are energetically connected in soul. They are in fact, mirrors of each other and reflect the divine feminine and masculine energies which exist in each other. Those energies exist in us all, but in Twin Flames they are complementary to one another. That is not to mean they are always the same or always opposite in terms of their personalities or other identifiers of who we are, but merely complementary to each other. It is a soul connection of the highest order and is a matter of identical energetic frequency.

The reasons the discussions around Twin Flames are prone to misconceptions, as well as the unfortunate tendency of those with predatory interests to take advantage of those experiencing a Twin Flame connection, are due to the lack of awareness, misunderstandings and the general mystique surrounding the connection. You see, many of the great stories we can remember – both real and fictional, are actually Twin Flame stories. Only they were never characterized as such. The fairy tales of “happily ever after” and “always finding each other” are wonderful aspects of the journey. Yet, if people knew the hard truth of it all, they would most probably not want to aspire to engage in the Divine connection.

What people don’t realize is this; you don’t become a Twin Flame, rather, you simply are one. Just as you cannot close your eyes as a white person and wish yourself to become one of color, you cannot simply will yourself to be a Twin Flame. If you realized the nature of the journey and the challenges it represents, it is more than likely that you wouldn’t go within 1,111 miles of being a Twin Flame, because it is hard. It’s damn hard to be a Twin Flame; especially in this already complicated world.

However difficult the path, if you are a Twin Flame it is important to remember it is worth every obstacle and every ounce of pain because regardless of how corny it might seem to express this fact, it is a journey paved with uplifting moments stretched along a sacred foundation.

Sacred: it is a word we usually use in religious contexts or matters of godly connotations. If you understand the meaning of the word in the highest sense, there is a humility to it. When something is sacred, it does not seek your approval, nor does it aspire to an achievement of status. It exists in service of good; it exists in the energy and frequency of love. That is the highest and purest mission of Twin Flames – and by love, I’m not talking about some pedestrian economy of emotional exchange, I’m talking about unconditional love.

Unconditional love is loving to love without expectation of anything in return. It is loving without attachment. That is the love Twin Flames share with each other and expand in their connection. It is the love that emanates from their union and expands the universe.

Wait, what?

“Expands the universe? Xavier, have you done lost your mind, man? Surely you don’t mean that literally, do you?”

Yes. Yes, I do.

Still think I’m crazy?

Ask yourself this not so simple question – What is the purpose of the universe? Is it to expand the blackness of space and turn great spheres of rock into planets and greater spheres of energy into stars? Really? That’s it? Seems kind of pointless doesn’t it? Science will tell you many theories about what and why things happen in the universe and perhaps even show you evidence and empirical data to support it. That is, until they have a new definition, theory and/or study that completely reverses course (Looking at you, Pluto).

Here is my perspective: The purpose, point and propagation of the universe is love. Love, in the highest sense is the self-sustaining perpetual motion energy of the source of creation in the universe. If it makes it easier to understand, love is God and God is love. I am not necessarily talking about God in the sense of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, or any other identity espoused by religion. But that deepest sense of God in the formless existence of the eternal perfect.


I know I just blew up your mind, but re-read it and you will see that it is actually not as complex to understand as it initially appears. Let go of the expected patterns of reality and read with the eyes of your soul. That is the point. We walk around in the life we live satisfied living beneath invisible blinders and thinking this is all there is.

Guess what? It’s not.

Suddenly, we are thrust into the light of truth and awaken to who we truly are. For some, the awakened truth is their identity as a Twin Flame.

Being a Twin Flame means you accept a reality that is difficult to comprehend, and that is because it is completely alien to what you have always been taught and accepted to be true. Think about this mind bender; you were born as an individual in the world. However, you might not fit in. You may have had an unidentifiable vacant feeling within, a feeling which you accepted as your “normal”. You might even feel crazy because there is a whisper of a connection to something else; something that doesn’t quite make sense. Then, you have an awakening which propels you into a spiritual reality you never knew existed.

After which, you may encounter her/him; your Twin Flame who you do not necessarily know as your “Twin Flame” because the so-named concept is not even in your knowledge data-base. You feel a connection to her/his thoughts and emotions. You begin to notice signs and synchronicities – which are simultaneous occurrences of events that are connected but lack apparent causality, i.e. seeing 11:11 repeatedly, and other symptoms of being a Twin Flame.

Other Twin Flame signs and synchronicities may include:

  • Mirrored or connected experiences.
  • Similar or harmonious life-paths/soul urge numbers.
  • Mirrored names.
  • Profound dream appearances and messages.
  • Feeling of intimacy.
  • Noticing the Yin-Yang symbol.
  • Meeting under strange and/or serendipitous circumstances.

The synchronicities and signs can be highly personal and draw you back to your Twin Flame. For example, I see ‘22’, the star symbol and the vesica pisces. A friend I’ve met and come to know who also identifies herself as a Twin Flame sees her twin’s given name everywhere.

Finally, after much confusion and existential crisis, you encounter information about Twin Flames and exhale in relief (and also some worry) because you now begin to understand what and who you really are;

You are a Twin Flame.

The irony about the misconceptions surrounding Twin Flames is that much of the problem is of our own doing. Let me explain. In the course of my voracious Twin Flame search for information, I have read the good, the bad and the weird, to the downright bizarre variety of information available out there. It is the bad [misinformed] and the weird that creates the impression of incredulity. In an effort to explain the happenings of Twin Flames, some tend to gravitate to typically unrelatable terms and concepts.

For example, Twin Flames experience telepathy and are connected at the energetic level. Some tend to short hand it by speaking only in terms of divinity and spiritual concepts. Which is perfectly fine, if it resonates with you, but if you aren’t familiar with those concepts, they are not relatable.

Instead, if you understood the Twin Flame connection as the spiritual equivalent of quantum entanglement (Yes, I’m aware that not everyone can relate to quantum physics), it is at least relatable to something we may accept as part of our concrete reality. For those of you who may not be familiar with the phenomena of quantum entanglement, it is a phenomenon recognized by science where two particles are separated by time and space; what affects one, affects the other at the same time regardless of the distance between them. The particles are connected (entangled) and share an energetic signature.

Fine, let’s say you are not ready to dive head deep into quantum physics. Think of Aspen trees. On one hand they are separate trees, but on the other hand they share the same root structure in clusters. We see many trees but they are one organism. It is not so hard to understand the interconnected separateness of trees. So, why then should it be so hard to accept the interconnectedness between two people? You might not see the connected tree roots from the ground you stand on, but that does not mean that they aren’t there. Similarly, you might not see the roots between Twin Flames as they stand on the ground of your accepted reality, but it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

If you can accept that concept, then accepting the reality of Twin Flames is not entirely difficult to understand.

Want to talk more with Xavier? You can find him on the web via the links below. Alternatively, leave a comment and he will respond with pleasure. Stay tuned for more from Xavier in next week’s post – Runners & Chasers.

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